OEM Chevy and GM Truck Parts books for sale

I have the following OEM GM and Chevy truck parts books for sale on microfiche. Drop me a line with any interest. Thanks, Joe.
GM TRUCK    90-98    ASTRO/SAFARI    Nov-97
GM TRUCK    85-89    ASTRO/SAFARI    May-92 GM TRUCK    85-89    ASTRO/SAFARI    May-96 GM TRUCK    85-89    ASTRO/SAFARI    Apr-97 GM TRUCK    90-94    ASTRO/SAFARI    May-94 GM TRUCK    90-95    ASTRO/SAFARI    Aug-94 GM TRUCK    90-95    ASTRO/SAFARI    Feb-95 GM TRUCK    90-96    ASTRO/SAFARI    Apr-96 GM TRUCK    90-96    ASTRO/SAFARI    Oct-95 GM TRUCK    90-96    ASTRO/SAFARI    Jan-96 GM TRUCK    90-97    ASTRO/SAFARI    May-97 GM TRUCK    90-97    ASTRO/SAFARI    Oct-95 GM TRUCK    90-97    ASTRO/SAFARI    Jul-96 GM TRUCK    97    C,K SERIES    Dec-96 GM TRUCK    97    C,K SERIES    Oct-96 GM TRUCK    97    C,K SERIES    Aug-96 GM TRUCK    97-98    C,K SERIES    Jul-97 GM TRUCK    97    ELECTRIC TRUCK    Jun-97 GM TRUCK    97    ELECTRIC TRUCK    Mar-97 GM TRUCK    97-98    ELECTRIC TRUCK    Dec-00 GM TRUCK    97-98    ELECTRIC TRUCK    Feb-98 GM TRUCK    97    F SERIES    May-97 GM TRUCK    97    F SERIES    Feb-97 GM TRUCK    97    F SERIES    Nov-96 GM TRUCK    97-98    F SERIES    Aug-97 GM TRUCK    92-93    G SERIES    Feb-93 GM TRUCK    92-95    G SERIES    Jul-94 GM TRUCK    92-95    G SERIES    Jun-95 GM TRUCK    92-95    G SERIES    Feb-95 GM TRUCK    92-96    G SERIES    Jan-96 GM TRUCK    92-96    G SERIES    Oct-96 GM TRUCK    92-96    G SERIES     Oct-97 GM TRUCK    96    G SERIES (EXPRESS/SAVANA)    May-96 GM TRUCK    96-97    G SERIES (EXPRESS/SAVANA)    Apr-97 GM TRUCK    96-97    G SERIES (EXPRESS/SAVANA)    Sep-96 GM TRUCK    96-98    G SERIES (EXPRESS/SAVANA)    Aug-97 GM TRUCK    91-94    P SERIES    Oct-93 GM TRUCK    91-95    P SERIES    Sep-94 GM TRUCK    91-95    P SERIES    May-95 GM TRUCK    91-95    P SERIES    Dec-95 GM TRUCK    91-96    P SERIES    Apr-96 GM TRUCK    91-97    P SERIES    Nov-95 GM TRUCK    91-97    P SERIES    Jan-97 GM TRUCK    91-98    P SERIES    Feb-98 GM TRUCK    91-98    P SERIES    Sep-97 GM TRUCK    92-97    P,B SERIES    May-97 GM TRUCK    92-97    P,B SERIES    Nov-98 GM TRUCK    92-97    P,B SERIES    Feb-97 GM TRUCK    87-94    POST OFFICE TRUCK    Apr-94 GM TRUCK    87-95    POST OFFICE TRUCK    Nov-94 GM TRUCK    87-95    POST OFFICE TRUCK    Dec-95 GM TRUCK    87-95    POST OFFICE TRUCK    Apr-95 GM TRUCK    87-95    POST OFFICE TRUCK    Apr-96 GM TRUCK    87-95    POST OFFICE TRUCK    Mar-97 GM TRUCK    82-90    S,T SERIES    Jun-92 GM TRUCK    82-90    S,T SERIES    Jun-96 GM TRUCK    94    S,T SERIES    Jun-93 GM TRUCK    95    S,T SERIES    Feb-95 GM TRUCK    95    S,T SERIES    Sep-94 GM TRUCK    95    S,T SERIES    Jun-94 GM TRUCK    95    S,T SERIES    May-95 GM TRUCK    95-96    S,T SERIES    Nov-95 GM TRUCK    95-96    S,T SERIES    Nov-95 GM TRUCK    95-96    S,T SERIES    Aug-95 GM TRUCK    95-96    S,T SERIES    Sep-95 GM TRUCK    95-96    S,T SERIES    Mar-96 GM TRUCK    95-96    S,T SERIES    Mar-96 GM TRUCK    95-97    S,T SERIES    May-97 GM TRUCK    95-97    S,T SERIES    Feb-97 GM TRUCK    95-97    S,T SERIES    Aug-96 GM TRUCK    95-97    S,T SERIES    Feb-97 GM TRUCK    95-97    S,T SERIES    Nov-96 GM TRUCK    95-98    S,T SERIES    Feb-98 GM TRUCK    95-98    S,T SERIES    Aug-97 GM TRUCK    95-98    S,T SERIES    Dec-97 GM TRUCK    95-98    S,T SERIES    Dec-97 GM TRUCK    96-97    S,T SERIES    May-97
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