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94 Fleetwood Dome Light staying on
I have a 1994 Fleetwood 4 dr and the dome light stays on when I close the door. Also my radio used to stay on when I would shut my car ignition off and take the key out, and it would turn off once I...
15 years ago 1
94 cadillac seville no heat blowing
recently the front heaterdefog stopped working in my car, the auxillary in the back still blows, but blows cold air. anyone have any suggestions or advice.....thank you, cold and can't see in canada...
15 years ago 4
Seville 81 368 8-6-4 ecm eprom source ?
Hello, I am new on this news group, I own a 81 seville with the 368 8-6-4 and the problem is : The engine doesn't start. When I try to enter in the diagnostic mode, the display shows ".." and stay on....
15 years ago
98 Cadillac Deville - AC cools intermittently
I will turn down the temp so the AC will come on and it will blow out hot air out of the AC Vents and sometimes it will change and blow out of the defrost vents, and then sometimes after quite a...
15 years ago 1
95 Deville Concours power steering
My friend has a 95 Deville Concours and he heard a whining noise coming from the power steering pump so he replaced it with a remanufactured power steering pump from Pep Boys. Now that the pump has...
16 years ago
1989 Cadillac Deville- Service Engine Soon
Ijust bought a 1989 Cadillac Deville last night. The gentleman said it belonged to his father who is in a nursing home for the last 3 years. He said he started and drove it once a month. On the way...
16 years ago 2
Delco Radio & CD Changer Cross Reference
I hope someone can help me. I am totally frustrated by the numerous part and model numbers of Delco radio and CD products for all the different GM vehicles. It seems like there is a different Delco...
17 years ago 8
2006 srx running issues
I have an 2006 SRX 3.6and number 4 cylinder was misfiring so I swapped number 1 and 4 coil packs to see if it was the coil pack and now it will start then quits tried leaving the battery unhooked for...
4 years ago 1
License plate lights - 2002 seville sts
2002 seville sts. One of my license plate lights burned out. How do you access it to replace the bulb? I also have a 02 sts and I think the whole license plate has to come out; including the license...
14 years ago 2
97 Catera-both rear windows stop working at the same time
Help. The Cad dealer said just to look at it would be $266, plus whatever they find. Any ideas? Another shop said they thought it was an electrical short. All the fuses are fine. Sacramento, CA
14 years ago
Re: My 86 Deville will not start
This (by chance) could be vaper lock but i am not realy sure fuel injected systems are prone to this or not. my 87 was doing it but it was the starter. i never checked the fule. The starter wouldn't...
17 years ago 1
1996 cadillac deville "service idle control system" warning
I usually drive only short (3-10 mile) distances, city driving speeds. A few times after 50+ mile highway trips at 50-60 mph the warning "service idle control system" comes on. It hasn't appeared...
14 years ago 1
1997 Cadillac STS overheating
I have a 1997 Cadillac STS that has been giving me quite some trouble recently with the cooling system. First, I had a leak in the radiator, so I have put in a brand new radiator, thermostat and hoses...
14 years ago 12
1992 cadillac eldorado wont start and stalls
i have a 92 el dorado 4.9L V8. and basicly it turns over and starts only if it is not touched for like 6 hours. and when i do get it started i put it in gear and it dies. the one time i did get it to...
14 years ago 3
Cadillac SRX - dreadful Ultraview glass roof
Hello ev'rybody, I live in Germany and my Cadillac SRX (build 2005) drives me nuts. I have the model with the huge Ultraview Sunroof. The dealer has just exchanged this glass thing for the third time...
13 years ago 3
94 DIC Says "Stop Engine Low Oil Pressure"
It is a 94 SLS 4.6L with 133,000. This DIC message just started a couple of days ago. My oil was just changed and the level is fine. The oil pressure sending unit was replaced about 2-3 years ago....
13 years ago 1