Re: After 6 miles, Z28 runs on 7

| | > After I drive about 6 miles, my 95 Z28 V8 feels like it is running on 7 | | > cylinders. After I drive a little longer, it clears up most of the
time | | and | | > seems to run fine on the freeway. Had service done last weekend and | they | | > couldn't find the problem. All sensors check out fine according to the | | PCM. | | > Anybody else run across this problem? Must be a bad injector is what I | | > think. Anybody got an easy way to test injectors? They want $1300 to | | > change all the injectors. I am an electronic systems engineer so I can | | > handle getting some basic test gear. | | | | Have you cleaned up the coil wire ends and connectors? Has the water pump | | been leaking through the weep hole in the bottom? Your symptoms point | | directly at the optispark going out or the coil wire being corroded. | | I didn't see any leakage from the water pump weep hole best I could tell. | Why would it run fine when cold if the coil wire was corroded? My fuel line | pressure does not hold right after shutting engine off (has been this way | for over a year) so that is why I am suspecting an injector.
For anyone interested, this problem ended up being either a bad sparkplug wire or the fact that we found two sparkplugs slightly loose when we checked them and changed the plug wires. All plugs looked like they were burning clean however.
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