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2003 Chevy, GMC 4 wheel drive problem
Dial 1800CHEVUSA get corporate involved and BITCH about the dealer!
4 weeks ago
1997 Chevy s10
I'm having trouble following the rear brake line to the master cylinder can anyone tell me if the top or bottom line on the master cylinder is the rear brake line
1 month ago
transmission wont shift into 3rd and OD and speedometer quit working same time
1995 Vandura 2500 w/4L60E
5 months ago
9LUD (2002) to replace a 7KCD (1997) ?
a buddy of mine has a 97 Z71 5.7 bad tranny (7KCD), he picked up a 9LUD out of an 01 or 02 SUV, the original has the solid bell housing, the other has the removable one and some of the plugs are d...
5 months ago
1997 Silverado 1500 with starter problems
I have a 97 Silverado with just over 200,000 miles. I recently replaced the entire motor with a turn key crate 350. Since the replacement, I have gone through 3 batteries. When they're tested they are...
2 years ago
'07 Chev Silverado, 2.5A raw when off
With everything off, have a 2.5 a draw on battery. trouble shooting, pulled all fuses at left door access, no change. Went to PDC under hood, lifted board and draw went to 0. Started isolating each...
2 years ago 1
1992 S10 4.3 won't start when the outside temperature is hot.
The truck starts in the cool of the morning. After the truck sits all day in 80+ degree temperatures, it won't start. It has nothing to do with the temperature of the engine. Once it's started, there ...
2 years ago 2
Driver door ajar
2005 gmc sierra 2500hd duramax
2 years ago 2
Diesel starter
I need an adapter plate for the 6.2 diesel starter because the ears are broke off the block for the starter bolts
2 years ago 1
4wd stuck on 1991 chev 1500 wt
So I have had to use 4wd the last few days. Tonight I had to use it to plow through some snow. I have never had a issue. I got through the snow and pu t it back in 2wd, but the light stayed on. I r...
3 years ago
how to access the inside of fuel tank on chevy colorado diesel 2017
i have bought Fitch Fuel Catalyst, drop in pellets. for 20 gallons, you use 8...which i have. but all new vehicles have the anti spill/siphon screens. Does anyone know a way i get them in tank? Thi...
3 years ago
Error code B0010 Chevrolet Silverado
3 years ago 1
1995 chevy blazer
Sometimes it starts sometimes it doesn't, no rhyme or reason. Now it doesn't even click when you turn it over.
3 years ago
2000 Sierra - ABS & Brake lights on intermittently
I think this may have started after I had a smog test months ago and maybe a connector was jarred a little loose but not sure. Both lamps come on, so metimes they don't. Seems to happens more in ...
3 years ago
94 Suburban ODB Code 22
This code is: Throttle position (TP) sensor -voltage low Wiring open circuit/short circuit to ground, TP sensor, ECM This only happens after the engine comes to full operating temperature, then t...
3 years ago 1