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Driver door ajar
2005 gmc sierra 2500hd duramax And your point is????? Maybe you could post a legibable posting explaining the actual problem. And no, I dont go to weblinks when I am reading newsgroup posts....
3 years ago 2
changed starter now wont start chevy 98 silverado
My truck always started fine , until the starter motor went out. Replaced the starter and now it turns over fine but just wont start.
6 years ago
4.3l gm motor- blue smoke/intake gasket/head gasket
I recently bought a 95 GMC Jimmy 4.3Lwith 230,00 on it. Idle was rough so I replaced EGR, PCV, and IAC. Still runs rough but not as bad. Smokes pretty blue even when warmed up. SES light is on and now...
6 years ago 5
'98 Silverado 1500 Fuel Gauge
Fuel guage has recently become eratic. Anyone have any experience wether it'll be the gauge, sender or ground? Is it possible to replace the gauge or is it part of the dash insert? I assume one has to...
7 years ago 7
2007 Chevrolet Silverado Classic Electrical Problems
Well, since the newfangled web forum I posted to hasn't exactly bristling with answers, especially helpful ones, I figured the old tricks were the best and so I have returned. (Amazingly my ISP still...
7 years ago 10
03 chevy blazer transmission detent cable adjustment
03 chevy blazer that shifted fine and had bad moter so I pull moter and re install just un threaded kick down cable from carb and rehooked and now is shifting late for the kicking down how do I adjust...
7 years ago 1
1988 S10 4.3L Smog Test Results and some questions
1988 S10 4.3L V6 PASSED All! the new double smog test here in California. Smog test one: the standard smog test for this year auto. Smog test two: pressurize fuel system and determine leak rate. BUT!...
7 years ago 10
cold start problem 1996 chevrolet silverado
5.7 liter fuel injected engine will not start when cold. Runs and starts fine when warm. Starts right up with a shot of starting fluid. In article , 065b0505594b06f549b8b6640ba408f1 says... In general...
7 years ago 3
83 c10
Any advice on installing a th700 or th700-r4/4l60 in my 83' C-10? It has a straight 6 engine and a th350 transmission now. In article , says... straight 6 engine and a th350 transmission now. Might...
7 years ago 1
2000 chevorlet 2500 rear brake adjusters
Are the rear brake adjusters opposite each other on both sides or are they facing both on the same direction
7 years ago
lower temp thermostat.
Hi. I've got 3 camping trips coming up this and next month. And haven't taken this vehicle yet. I'm still getting it modded. So here goes. I was thinking of putting a 180F thermostat in my 2004...
9 years ago 5
want more power Chevy 4.3 V6
Have been reading and your right, the 4.3L is a great engine for flying down the freeway, but to tow, NO, how can I improve hp, my truck is very clean and like new, How hard is it to put in a small...
9 years ago 5
fluid change questions.
Hello, I'm wanting to change the fluids in my truck. I'm wanting thicker oil protection, not thin mileage oil . I have a Chilton and a 1/2 ton 2004 Silverado 4.3 5 speed . The clutch looks straight...
9 years ago 4
GM trucks
Hi I had a 99 suburban since it was new. I loved the truck in spite of all the design flaws like brakes, charging, door locks, ect. Bottom line was it was so useful easy to drive who could complain.....
10 years ago 5
GMC Sierra Evaporator
Can someone please tell me where my evaporator coil is on my 1990 GMC Sierra with 5.7l? And what is the best way to take the housing apart so I can clean the evaporator? Do I need to disassemble the...
10 years ago 7
Will not start anymore - starter fail?
I noticed the starter was having trouble turning over the engine each time I started the engine, just like the battery was dying. Once started it runs fine. Looking at the volt meter on the dash while...
10 years ago 17
Recirc. door actuator replacement.
The recirculation door actuator is bad on my '93 C2500 2WD Chevy pickup. This thing is buried up under the heater plenum. No access to the top retaining screw whatsoever. I've got the full factory...
10 years ago 4
454 SS Performance
I've got a bone stock 92' 454 SS and it has no power. What performance upgrades could I make on the cheap to reach 500+ hp. Anyone know of a proven matched component set (heads, cam, intake) that will...
11 years ago 13
How can i tell if the timing chain is going to break??
Hello, I need a bit of help , Please. Ive got a HD 82 Suburban Chevy 350 M engine. over 200k miles on it. I dont drive it but maybe 1-2000 miles a year. Idles been dropping down and gas milage getting...
11 years ago 9
Electric door locks vs keyless remote door locks...Silverado
I just bought a 2009 Chevy Silverado. It has electric door locks, but doesn't have keyless remote door locks. Can I just buy the fob and program it, or do I have to add some sort of receiver? Thanks,...
11 years ago 20