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Front crank seal.
Dribble from the front crank seal on the SD1 has changed into a flood. Did change the seal not that long ago, and noticed the pulley assembly had a deep groove where the seal rubs. So the new seal d...
5 months ago 3
US Minor
Posted on a photo forum (, taken today at the Central Florida All-British Car Show:
11 months ago 4
Plug spanner size
Here's a question for classic car types. Which arose from a question on a FB group. And I was surprised no one seemed to know. You've lost your dedicated 14mm plug socket - but the engine design w...
1 year ago 8
Identification please
2 years ago 4
Looking for VW Beetle White, EUY882J
Looking for EUY882J Dont suppost anyone knows of EUY882J, still looking for it now.... on a sorn for years....
2 years ago
Lucas horns
There is a pair of Lucas horns on e-bay at the moment: The domes are not chromed, although the trumpets are, and they have mesh in them, but stil...
2 years ago 17
Classic Car meet
The Grazing Harts, Micklebring, South Yorkshire, S66 7RR Free admission Barbeque
2 years ago
Coachbuilder conversion: can anyone identify the car?
Here's a partial snapshot of one, and I am trying to guess the original car from the rear wheel valances, but without success. Sorry it's a poor photo. Not an Austin Sheerline, is it? http://www....
2 years ago 5
Humber super snipe
he fuel pump but it one full steel pipe into the tank I can see long bubble in the clear pipe going to the pump it fine till it need a lot of fuel I h ave checked all the pipe work to the tank and ...
2 years ago 2
1967 Land Rover with 2.6L Rover motor with a Weslake Head
Alex from British Motor in Sacramento CA USA is reviewing the Motor and setting tappets for me. He calls ask why due you have a Rev Limit Rotor set to 2700 rpm = 5400 cam rpm max Why would L...
3 years ago 9
Robert Hugh Fearon Anderson
It seems (according to his grave) that this man died at Silverstone almost 50 years ago, August 15th 1967. I vaguely remember his funeral/interment as a schoolkid - and recently 'cleaned him up' a...
3 years ago 1
New addition to the fleet...
1980s DDR magnificence!
4 years ago 2
Lucas Horn mounting
I have a couple of Lucas Horns, just like these; and I want to mount them on my...
4 years ago 4
Fuel tank sensor and gauge
I have to debug an old-style fuel gauge problem this winter, it never moves. I will first check that the gauge is wired correctly, and has power. As I see it, the gauge is really an ammeter, the cur...
4 years ago 21
Headlight bulb orientation
1 have acquired a pair of halogen (I believe) headlights 'kits', the bulbs are as seen here: Am I correct in thinking that this orient...
4 years ago 7