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Punto 75SX Eratic Tickover
I've had a number of electrical problems with this car but it's running quite well at the moment. EXCEPT: Every now and then it starts revving up on its own accord. The car starts and run ok but after...
13 years ago 11
Central Locking isn't. Fiat Marea 115 ELX W Reg.
The car is almost at the end of its life so a quick bodge will suffice. When trying to lock the car all the locks come up again. When the ignition is on, the red warning light indicating that...
13 years ago 6
fiat ducato 14 motorhome 1.9 turbo diesel
1995 fiat ducato 14 motorhome mileage 26000 miles pulls to the right when accelerating any ideas please. Of the top of my head. Possible excessive play in steering/suspension linkages. All vehicles...
13 years ago 1
Stilo flat battery
I Have a Stilo 1.6 and I have a problem with the battery discharging when the car stands for more than a few hours. I have had the battery drop tested and it is perfect. The problem seems to be...
13 years ago 1
2003 Punto screeching noise at speed
Hello, My 2003 Punto starts to make a screeching noise when driving at speed after about 20 minutes or so. The noise is really high pitched and very loud but seems to stop when feathering the brake...
14 years ago 6
Silvercrest MP3 Car Radio from LIDL (KH2380 MP3) VS FIAT Punto Sporting MK2
I bought a new car radio which I think is killing my battery when in standby .. full details on the following link does anyone have any experience on this for FIAT Punto MK 2 Sporting? Radio is from...
14 years ago 2
Punto central locking thinks a door is open
Hi My Punto 2001 HLX has developed a central locking fault. Sometimes the 'door open' warning light illuminate when you're driving causing the interior light to come on (most disturbing at night!),...
14 years ago 6
We are located in Osaka Japan. We offer Japanese secondhand vehicle. 1997 FIAT COUPE Chassis No. E- 175A3 Steering Left Odometer 55000km Options A/C, P/S, P/W, A/W, Airbag/ ABS,CDplyer Water-cooled in...
14 years ago
Punto spark plugs and leads
Today I went out the the wifes Fiat punto MK1 1242cc 8valve 1999 to have a look as to why it is idling roughly/chuggy. Whilst the engine was Idling with a pair of pliers I took off spark plug number 3...
14 years ago 10
Fiat Brava Fuel Consumption
Just looking for some help. My slightly irritating boss wants to know the actual fuel consumption of my car before agreeing to pay petrol costs. It's an oldish (10yrs?) Fiat Brava, and I'm really just...
15 years ago 3
Stilo Stutter
Hello Readers - can anyone help diagnose this fault:? I have a 1600 cc petrol Dynamic, which has the Engine Fault light and is either misfiring or running rich - the engine is not running evenly; it's...
15 years ago 1
Citroen Relay / Peugeot Boxer (Fiat Ducato?) 02/03 Remote Locking Unit
First off - I'm in the UK, in case the vehicles are differently specced elsewhere. Thought I'd ask here, as the Fiat Ducato is basically the same van, and I've also been informed that the remote...
15 years ago 1
Overfilled Coolant on Fiat Punto
Hi all, Stupidly overfilled the coolant on my Punto (R-reg) this morning (with antifreeze) to well above the max line (pretty much to the top of the plastic overflow reservoir). I was wondering if: 1)...
15 years ago 4
shema el.instalacije ili prirucnik odrzavanja za fiat tipo 1.6ie
Trebaju mi sheme ili prirucnik odrzavanja za fiat tipo 1.6ie.
15 years ago
Punto bonnet catch won't open
Could anybody tell me to release the bonnet on a 2001 Punto? The bonnet release wire has broken, pulling from inside of the car just pulls the wire out of the inner cable. I can just see some of the...
15 years ago 2
seicento keeps cutting out
no matter what time of the day or how long ive been driving it my seicento just cuts out at lights or when i have to stop at junctions...please could anyone help as this happens about 10 times on the...
15 years ago 2
troubles with cd changer on fiat stilo
hi there. I have a problem with the cd changer on my fiat stilo: when I change the mode in CDC (SRC key), the display says CHECK DISK and CD PAUSE, numbers on cd changer blink in orange and green and...
15 years ago 1
Stilo headlights switch on ???
What is the 1,,,,2,,,3, DAY SENS setting for on the menu settings, and how does it work ? Thanks Mike With the headlamp stork switch set to the "A" automatic setting, the lights will turn on when the...
15 years ago 2
Fiat TIPO 1.6 ’94 IES indicator problem
Hi all, Im having a bit of a problem with the left indicator on my car. The bulb is fine (tested in the right indicator and works), but when I put the indicator on (left) it flashes very fast and the...
15 years ago 2
coupe fiat
personne ne s'interrese au coupe fiat ici Hello Harry, Yes, I'm interested in the Fiat coupe. Mail me for more info. Regards, Hans. "harrys sedanton" schreef in bericht news:d3129n$1ie$
15 years ago 1