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Seen today on the net - first generation Ford Explorer with S197 Ford Mustang front end
2 weeks ago
The XLT is BACK with the 2021 Ford Explorer
This one seems to be a good combo. Not sure why they didn't do this sooner. From AB ****** Three years ago, when Ford debuted the XLT Sport Appearance package on the previous-generation Explorer, th...
1 month ago
1994 ford ranger 4x4 brake issues
XLT Ranger 4 wheel drive pickup - replaced both front calipers and pads, bled front brakes, pedal felt firm, however, as soon as we started the truck, the pedal went to the floor, so tried bleeding ...
1 month ago 1
2011 Ford explorer 4x4 Rotors, are the front and back interchangeable
5 months ago
Fuel pump runs for few secs after key off
2000 explorer xlt all wheel drive
9 months ago
Another rare one - Mercury Mountaineer SportTruck Prototype
> Here is another rare gem - by none other than Ford. This Mercury Mountaineer (same as the Ford Explorer) SportTruck Prototype > > > This SportTruck is 1 of 1 and was built for over $50k in 1...
1 year ago
Saleen Ford Explorer XP8 and XP6 Photos
> I've collected several pictures over the years of many of the Saleen XP8 and Saleen XP6 Explorers. In case you might not now about the Saleen Ford Explorer: > > > The Saleen XP8 is a perform...
1 year ago 3
VxDiag - diabling bulb out?
Vxnano/vxdiag100 Trying to find info on what module to program/option to disable bulb check 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac VIDEO LTD.
1 year ago
2000 explorer XLT / 5R55E transmission problems
In light traffic on the way home the other day, I started to pass a couple of cars. As I accelerated and the transmission down shifted, it almost immediately started slipping. Backing off the gas it s...
1 year ago
heat problem
orking at all although the AC is fine. I thought it was a clogged heater c ore and back flushed it and nothing but clean water & antifreeze came out, reversed the hose and flushed in the forward d...
2 years ago
Check cage light
it did the only lights that were on were my battery light and my check cage light it's never happened before though and I have no idea what it could be
2 years ago 1
Is cruise control dependent on wheel speed sensors to work?
2 years ago
94 explorer
The transmission does not move anywhere when I put it in overdrive or first it'll only take offense I'm going down the road I can shift from 2nd to drive and the rest of the gears does anybody know wh...
3 years ago
I've got a 91 explorer with 43000 miles on it. The truck is running fine bu t when I idle the whole thing shakes and puts out a deep tremble noise. And once I get out there is a burning smell almos...
4 years ago
OBX Racing Headers have arrived for BIG WHITE
OBX Racing Headers have arrived! Up until recently the only headers available for the 5.0 2nd Generation Ford Explorer were Torque Monster headers (allegedly currently made by Al's Headers in Anaheim...
4 years ago