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Lpg injectors
I have a 04 ford focus 1.8 with factory fitted lpg car, I snapped one of the LPG injectors, ford no longer supply, Ford parts now are finis 11448336 or eng pin: iciy-9189-ca Any one have some...
3 years ago 1
Ford Fusion Canister purge valve recall
For anyone who has had it done, how long did the recall take? I have an appointment to have it done in a week or so. Carl
4 years ago
Fusion PAM programming?
2008 Fusion My rear sensing parking Aid system has died with the messages "check parking aid" and "parking aid data error". I ordered a new PAM module but it came with sticker that says "programming...
5 years ago
Reparing Leak in Tire Side Wall
I have a slow lead in the side wall that came from scraping some kind of sharp object laying by the curb. Looks like a 1/2-inch cut, but jagged. Tire is tubeless radial. Is it possible to patch...
6 years ago 81
How many years of Ford F250 pickup beds will fit mine?
Because of experience, I would like to know how many years of Ford F250 pickup beds will fit my 1979? Should be '73-'79 - Sixth generation - and the 150 box SHOULD fit just fine from the same years....
6 years ago 2
removing blend air door on 1993 e150 econoline van
where is the door located and how do you get at it to remove and replace? it's in the evaporator case. Recycle the refrigerant. Remove the dash. Remove the evaporator case. Maybe just the cable broke?...
6 years ago 3
Check Engine Light - 97 Aerostar
Loose gas cap caused check engine light to come on. Problem has been corrected. How can I reset the light without disconnecting the battery or using the diagnostic tool? IIRC, a few times of driving...
7 years ago 31
Intermittent Starting - 99 Mercury Sable
Greetings! 1999 Mercury Sable wagon - 168,000 miles Sometimes after running the car around town, I return to the car, only to n ot be able to start it. I turn the key, all dash lights are on - no...
7 years ago 2
Check Engine Light
For 97 Aerostar. While I'm looking for the manual, I thought I'd ask what is a common cause of the light coming on. I noticed it was flashing (never seen that before) then stopped flashing and from...
7 years ago 16
2008 Fusion OBD2 code P0607
Check engine light came on at 68K miles. First time for this car. Code reader read a P0607 "ECM Internal Circuit Malfunction" Car otherwise ran well. The book said it should have been running poorly....
8 years ago 1
SBF specialty tools
I'm looking for a place to get some specialized tools for Windsor building. The most significant at this time is a cam bearing installer. I can buy a universal one, but Competition wants $200+ vs $75...
9 years ago
ABS light comes on 2005 Escape
I have a 2005 Escape with 52,000 miles. The ABS light came on for a bit and is now off. The front brakes were replaced 6 months ago. I 'm a bit ticked because I went in for a brake job and they tell...
9 years ago 6
Aerostar power steering leak
Hi folks, I have an 97 Aerostar and noticed a leak around where the high pressure = hose connects to the PS pump. The metal tube was loose. I assumed that = was the problem and had it replaced at the...
10 years ago 26
Bassani vs Magnaflow
On a 2011 5.0, which exhaust is considered better, Magnaflow or Bassani? I am looking at an axle-back version of each. I found the following sound files, but won't be able to actually hear cars with...
10 years ago 4
whirring sound from '08 Fusion
For the last 1000 miles or so I hear a feint whirring sound coming from the car somewhere. I don't recall hearing it before. The car was normally super quiet. Sounds like under the care somewhere....
10 years ago 9
Good replacement for General Grabber AW 225/75-15 Tires?
Ford Escape Since these tires are discontinued now, what would be a good replacement? Had Ford recommended any? I had Firestone Destination LE on mine (after trashing the original POS Continentals),...
10 years ago 19
2010 Ford Edge Battery Saver
My 2010 Edge, with only 3,000 miles on it, will not hold a charge for more than 2-3 days. I understand that there is a battery saver relay on this vehicle which may be the cause of this problem, but...
10 years ago 4
Lucas Engine Oil Stop-Leak?
'94 ThunderChicken LX V8, 70k mostly city miles. The 4.6 has seeped a little oil for many years. After I checked for burning and blow-by, a mechanic put it on a rack and confirmed it was coming from...
10 years ago 3
alternator hot, engine off
2006 Ranger, 3.0L The alternator was getting hot with the engine shut off (eventually ran the battery down to zero). Since I suspected it was causing an annoying squeak anyway, I bought and installed...
10 years ago 6
Ford Taunus 1967 Braggin:)
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10 years ago