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2008 FORD E250 5.4 mileage

March 22, 2017, 7:45 pm

WITH roof rack and airfoil 12.8735632183908 mpg at 65/70 sometimes against the wind from Titusville to Fort Myers Beach. Rack n foil run without seals. Read more »

lost my keys

March 7, 2017, 10:15 pm

I lost my keys to my '85 6.9 f250 about a month ago, I've looked everywhere and found nothing. So what I was thinking was, Is there any way I could replace the ignition switch without the keys? Tha... Read more »

towing truck

February 21, 2017, 7:53 pm

2005 Ranger Fx4 4 door xlt auto transmission- Can I tow this truck with a tow dolly? or does it have to be a flatbed. Read more »

2005 F150: Ignition Key Will not Turn

February 11, 2017, 8:49 pm

Drove to the Y, worked out, got back in the vehicle, inserted key in ignition.. Key would not rotate, gearshift lever locked. Seems to have plenty battery. Came back today, tried the spare key, s... Read more »

Why study the Bible? What can we learn?

February 1, 2017, 10:58 pm

What is a Christian teaching like? It's all summed up from the realization: Christ's righteousness given to us, our sin given to Him Read more »

Ford ranger battery light on still

January 21, 2017, 3:04 am

Hi I have replaced everything to the charging system and the only way the truck will stay running is hooked to another car if u disconnect from the car it drains battery really fast and then cuts out... Read more »

What should I do with my truck?

January 19, 2017, 7:44 pm

I have a 1988 F-150. It seems to run ok, but the CHECK ENGINE light is on. There is a commercial on tv that says Once your Check Engine light comes on, it's too late. And they also say that a repai... Read more »

1999 Ford Explorer V6 won't start on first try

December 25, 2016, 5:07 am

This has just started happening. When left overnight, the engine won't start at first. I have determined that if I turn the key on and wait, then turn it off (sometimes several times) the engin... Read more »

Go to church

December 11, 2016, 3:26 pm

Ask questions about Jesus. Seek answers. Demand to know the truth, but be ready to receive it. This world teaches us certain things. Nearly all of them are literal opposites of Biblical teachin... Read more »

5.0 quitting on me

November 22, 2016, 5:42 am

I have a 88 f150. Anyonever have this problem; you can be driving down the rd and it will go dead as if youbwerecto ryrn the ignition off but you havnt. The odd thing is though, you can crank it... Read more »

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1979 F-350 CA smog requirements rating: 5

I bought a 1979 F-350 on E-bay. You can see pictures of it (top and bottom) at . The previous owner put a Holly double-pumper on it, and plugged all the vacuum lines... Read more »

1990 F150 4.9L EFI to carb conversion rating: 5

I'm looking to convert a 1990 F150 4.9L inline-6 from EFI to carb. Will a mid-80s carb intake manifold bolt up? Best regards, Rick C. Hodgin Read more »

Ranger Power Window Problem rating: 5

I have a 1990 Ford Ranger with Power Windows. Today when I went to raise the driver's side window it would not go up. I heard a clicking sound as if something was slipping or not engaging. If I gra... Read more »

odometer not working on F350 rating: 5

I have a 1999 F350 super duty with a dump bed - just got it and am fixing it up. It came with a broken odometer - mileage is stuck in one place and the trip mileage meter doesn't work either. The s... Read more »

Ford Ranger Wiring Diagrams rating: 5

Hey Everyone!! I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that has helped me out. So in return, I wanted to send some links that I have used to find the wiring diagrams for my Ford Ranger, and there fre... Read more »

E450 speedometer problems rating: 5

Hi Gang, I have a 1999 motor home on an E450 frame/Triton V10 engine. After sitting still for over a year the speedometer is going haywire. Engine off it pegs over to the 100mph mark. Engine on, it d... Read more »

Electric brake controller on 2005 F-150 rating: 5

I recently bought a 2005 F-150 with the 5.4L engine and the factory tow package. This is probably a dumb question but I can't figure out if it has a controller for electric trailer brakes or not. T... Read more »

Electronic Speedometer calibration rating: 5

I just put much larger tires on my 2001 Ford F150 4x4. My speedometer is off now. How do I calibrate it myself? Read more »

1992 Ranger Rabs leaks rating: 5

This is a multi-part message in MIME format. _NextPart_000_0036_01C74226.98F39840-- Read more »

Cooling problems(94 F150 Lightning) rating: 5

OK, I have been having some problems keeping the 351W cool. I have already changed the waterpump(about 9,000 miles ago), the thermostat(180), and put a brand new radiator in. It usually gets hot ... Read more » is a website by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts. It is not affiliated with any of the car or spare part manufacturers or car dealers discussed here. All logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.