GM Hurtin' - GM HEALING!!

I have have heard a lot about this issue lately and believe that General Motors CAN and WILL turn itself around.
And I will use an example of how: Toyota.
Simple, isn't it??
GM(and Ford and Chrysler) all design wonderful cars as far as I'm concerned. As such we should be whipping Asia's ass sales wise and service wise. So why doesn't GM, in particular?
Because their prime focus is the bottom $line$. NOT cars that last. NOT producing lifetime loyal customers. And, NOT fixing it right the first time when there is a problem!
Again, there is NOTHING WRONG with what comes off paper design wise - the problem is HOW THE DESIGN IS EXECUTED - wielded from a CAD drawing into hard steel, glass, and rubber.
And GM is painfully guilty of this - cutting corners when translating the design into a product for sale. I'll compare the trunk space of my Impala to that of my fiancee's Corolla. The separator wall between the Impala's passenger compartment and it's trunk space contains more holes (perforations? knockouts??) than a spaghetti strainer. Are these holes for running power to accessories on upscale Impalas?? I seriously doubt it. The Corolla? Barely half the number - and size - of openings. The cabin on that little ricer is tight enough to pressurize and fly the NY -DC express!
So explain the openings in the Chevy? Simple - the less metal you consume, the lower your costs. Lower costs, at the expense of structural integrity and a cabin that is as airtight as a WIND TUNNEL!!
Other cost cutting measures? Not limited to Impala: using the thinnest metals structurally possible to save MONEY - on panels, structural members, even on door hinges and seat frames(Ford Escort) - Future costs: Liability and settlement costs resulting from injury or death due to those seats failing!
Using the thinnest recommended gauge of spark plug wires to save MONEY -even though in the long run those plugs become carbon fouled sooner than later because they don't receive all the spark they were designed to handle. Future costs: plugs that foul, detonate, damaging the block, or need to be replaced 2x or 3x times more often than necessary.
Using cheap grade plastics for interior trim to save MONEY when higher-grade safer composites are available. Future costs: replacing trim that potentially falls off, cracks, or otherwise damages too easily, sometimes within the warranty period.
So how have the Japanese beat us at our own game?? By not doing the things above - by building stuff right in the first place. And of COURSE that's EXPENSIVE!! But that higher cost passed on to the consumer will still be lower than the long-run cost to both the consumer and the mfg. to bring cars back, and/or recall, to correct some of the results of the mistakes I illustrated.
#2. MARKETING For goodness sakes how many brands and segments and niches does GM need?? I know this is gonna hurt, but how about having just 4 - FOUR - Brands:
VALUE for the money: Chevrolet PERFORMANCE: Pontiac LUXURY: Cadillac UTILITY: GMC Truck
F#&$K all the rest!! Have these four divisions FOCUS on their CORE COMPETENCIES, what customers traditionally associate with them. And NOT on trying to be all things to all customers - logistically, it is impossible to be all things: Costs will escalate, quality will plummet, and sales will be lost.
We've got Cadillac and Buick building SUVs - what in the heck is going on here people?? Did Hoover Vacuums become great by selling sidelines of toasters and TOILETBOWLS?? Wake up!
#3. LOWER LOWER LOWER PRICES - NOT! Constantly lowering prices, and offering "ZERO PERCENT FINANCING UNTIL THE NEXT PRESIDENCY!!!!" and "BAZILLION DOLLARS CASH BACK ALLOWANCE" are not the way to get the customer in the door, and into the bucket seat. GM is not the only one here, either - all car companies trumpet this crap all over evening TV.
Sure, a sale every once in a while is a cool incentive, but so is having a product you believe in as much as you expect your customers to believe. To build an Impala - or Taurus or Liberty or Hummer - as well as a Camry, X-Terra, or Sequoia, COSTS MONEY. It also satisfies the customer by lowering built in future costs - as described above.
And all the options in the world can't sugar coat that dose of common sense. So stick your heated seats, heated steeringwheels, and self adjusting radios and mirrors where the sun don't shine.
#4. CUSTOMER SERVICE - NUTTIN'S PERFICT! Shit goes wrong. Doesn't matter if it's a Benz, a Buick, a Mercury or a Toyota. But less shit will go wrong if a good design is executed well in actuality.
But for what does go wrong - back it up! Don't just say "Bumper-to-Bumper: 36,000 miles", and then tell the customer that the bumper that is hanging on by a bolt on one side is "not covered." FIX THE PROBLEM PEOPLE - don't give us conditions!!
Also, and this relates to design and everything else - FIX IT THE FIRST TIME IN!!! How difficult is it to make sure everything is right the first time a warranty or other repair is performed. PAY ATTENTION - Don't replace a defective oil sending unit and THEN forget to properly tighten the drain-cock before returning the car to the customer!!
Don't just repair the faulty CD or cassette player and then, upon installation, forget to hook up half the speakers to the unit before bolting it back in the dash and replacing the trim!!!!
IT IS SIMPLE SHIT LIKE THAT THE ASIANS HAVE US BEAT. COME ON AMERICA - YOU'RE BETTER THAN THAT. Sure, you elected a crappy president, but at least build quality cars and repair them properly.
And a newsreader that posts this post the first time - and quickly!!! Hear me, Google?
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After you wrote this, I had to discount everything elso you babbled. You have obviously not seen a newer 4 cyl Toyota truck motor up close. You know absolutely nothing about cars and have no credibliltiy at all. Here's some news: Many GM cars don't even use spark plug wires. This is absoulutely the stupidest thing I've ever seen anyone write in a news group. Congrats!
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