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New Defender
Now we have all had a chance to study the New Defender what is the concensus? I understand commercial models will be coming out soon but so far they say they are selling a lot of top of the range ones...
2 months ago
Looking for a Land Rover RDS 3.12
Hi Team, im looking for a RDS version 3.12 Could you please share it, if it possible and can do it. CD or ISO. Thank you in advance.
7 months ago
What is the spec of Series 3 Landrovers wheel nuts?
ere I worked for an oil company. I used series 3 Landrovers on both trips a nd, knowing there were a few patches of sand in the last section approachin g the UAE I devised a simple system to help get ...
1 year ago
New Defender
For anyone who still lurks in here. I had a call today from a Land rover dealer and they told me the new Defender would be out next year. Told her I would believe it when I saw it. Not heard anything ...
2 years ago 2
Re: Discovery / Austin Maestro van Same vehicle
A bit late I know, but to cure any confusion, and that is here in ABUNDANCE, just search for The CB40 Project. AND if anybody is interested, the Freelander/Maestro prototype, which is owned by The Dun...
2 years ago 1
04 Freelander counterweight ring on the viscous coupling
Wonder if you can help please. The counterweight ring on the viscous coupling has come loose - clearly this was 'stuck' in place at manufacture. What can I use to stick back in position please? it fit...
3 years ago
2004 Land Rover td4
fortnight ago and previous to this performance and power was fine however now after 2,000 revs it struggles to accelerate and appears very loud it isn't getting its turbo boost. Could
3 years ago
Any suggestions for Defender with a few accessories fitted including a snorkel!!. I've had it refused for that and two quotes on Comparethemarkets for 10,000, yes 10,000 Bps Accessories snorkel window...
3 years ago 3
HDC Fault - Discovery 3
Every few days I get a message come up - HDC fault (hill descent control) s pecial programmes off and then the suspension lowers. I've learnt that if I momentarily turn off the ignition off and on, th...
3 years ago
Tartarini switch/gauge wiring
I have a new tattarini switch with 4 wires but don't know what dose what red , black ,brown and blue
4 years ago
Sankey Wide Track Trailer Rear Light Lens & Front white light complete
I need a rear light lens (red and amber in one) also a complete front white light unit for a Sankey Wide Track Mk 3
4 years ago
Sankey Trailer Jockey Wheel
Does any one have a Sankey Trailer Jockey Wheel. I need the bottom stem that screws over the threaded winding handle which I still have. Only lost the bottom stem with the wheel on. Tel. 07860 313822
4 years ago
Defender Door trim removal
2010 Defender CSW (Puma) Exterior Passenger door handle has decided to come loose. To refix it I need to remove the door trim, hopefully without too much damage. I would appreciate any advice on how t...
4 years ago
Bit quiet in here, isn't it? After a fatal problem with my Disco 1, I was persuaded to invest in a Jeep Grand Cherokee. At least I now know that they don't have a 4WD that matches what I want and that...
4 years ago 4
OT Latest Robot Challenge
Now that they can play draughts, beat humans at chest, vacuum the floor, collect samples on Mars etc. here is a real challenge. Give them a pile of Land Rover Defender parts, a Hayes manual and the im...
4 years ago