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How hard wearing are leather car seats?
May be a silly question, but a friend has been offered a 3-year old Ford Focus that has done 42,000 miles, and I can see on his photos scuff marks on the drivers and passenger seat. He is wondering...
2 weeks ago 14
Odd battery charging voltage
Hi all, I came across a novel situation yesterday. I yanked this in-need-of-a-charge battery out of a 3 litre diesel BMW to top it up on my bench charger. It's one of those with the status window:...
3 weeks ago 11
Glowplug Removal
Gentlemen, Any suggestions as to how to get the glowplugs out of an alloy head without stripping the treads? I gather they can be problematical. I was thinking about putting several hundred amps...
1 month ago 4
Rant: My parked 13 yr owned car got reversed into by an unknown driver, bumper bent torn but car's a write-off - as it's only worth £200 (). Why am I paying for comprehensive Esure insurance that...
3 months ago 9
OT: Radar interference?
In a car group I follow a number of members have had problems with the collision avoidance systems in their cars. I believe this system, like adaptive cruise control, uses a forward facing radar to...
3 months ago 11
recommended car parts supplier.
My wife?s car (2017 Skoda Yeti) needs new rear disks and pads. Obviously lots of on line stores for this kind of stuff but I?ve never used any of them. Any recommendations? Tim Mick's garage. Thanks....
4 months ago 13
Do they do it just to annoy?
Neighbour knocked on the door. Trying to start another neighbour's car by pushing it. Asked to borrow my jump start pack as the car now down the road. It's a not new Polo. And it has a tray over the...
5 months ago 21
Corsa D 2009 1.2 litre Cable or Hydraulic clutch?.
Hi .. trying to remotely diagnose a clutch problem on daughters Corsa D 2009 car seems all was well driving normally then the clutch stopped working very abruptly! I'd have thought it was a clutch...
5 months ago 16
Euro Car Parts - result! ;-)
Daughters little 01 Corsa C 1.2 is still plodding on and now with 205,000 miles on the clock (she only wanted to get it to 200,000) but it sprang a water leak from looked like the bottom of the rad a...
5 months ago 2
I have a moss alarm in my old car and some how it wot let the car start I have no dash lights radio or anything the battery is fine as its on a trickle charger I started the car turned it off locked...
5 months ago 24
Eurocarparts niggle
Today I needed to get some bulbs. So went to Eurocarparts as they're conveniently placed. Made order, applied their 40% off MOT essentials voucher and there was no discount! I think most MOT examiners...
5 months ago
MIG welding with Nitrogen?
in message: 240v where you are? Gentlemen, I've run out of the ideal 90:10 mix of argon and CO2 for mild steel and was wondering if Nitrogen could be pressed into service as an expedient, given how...
5 months ago 18
code for my Nissan Note
Hello, Need code for my Nissan Note clarion radio please: Serial number: PN-3001PA 0006448 Model number: PN-3001P Nissan part: 28185 9U10A Thanks
5 months ago
mANUAL 62 Corsa 1.4 .50K miles
Took the family out for a break this morning. 2 adults and skinny 17 year old and about 20 kilos of baggage. Everything ok until we joined M60 from M62 -J12 Then a few miles on it started being weird....
6 months ago 5
Other than "investment", Is there a future for classic car/bike?
The evidence. 1: Derek Mathewson on the TV show "Bangers and Cash" lamented that sales of older vintage vehicles were in decline and "difficult". Most of these being coachbuilt by craftsmen come with...
6 months ago 17