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99 Miata Idle problem
Just let the car warm up it then idles fine. I usually drive it slow first 8 minutes then its fine.
1 year ago 1
Re: Spitfires, Hurricanes and Sports Cars (NMC)
Hahaha. Just found this old thread when searching for something on Google so I had to point out that, 20 years on, your Hypersonic airliner still hasn't got off the drawing board. ;-)
1 year ago 1
Group dead?
Can someone play "Taps" over it please? I blame Mazda, the first two versions of the Miata were more than cars, they were almost like family pets, not always well behaved but lovable! The third ...
1 year ago 8
Re: Left turn signal not working, but can't seem to fix it
2 years ago 1
Circumstances require I sell my house and move to an assisted living facility and in the process unload everything except my minivan so... the 1992 Miata is gone to a wholesaler for way too littl...
2 years ago 5
Change Instrument Panel Light?
Does anyone know -- Is there a way to replace a lightbulb in the instrument cluster of a 1990 Miata without pulling out the entire instrument panel? -- Arye.
3 years ago 4
I'm amazed! I mail ordered a new battery for the 1992 Mazda Miata knowing it would be almost impossible for me to install with arthritis making both hands pretty non-functional but... no problem...
3 years ago 4
I need one, any preference between Westco and Autozone? My local Autozone has a battery for my 1992 Miata and Batterys + has the Westco. My results with Westco (my last two batteries) have bee...
3 years ago 3
2005 miata
it is looking a little dry and would like to preserve it so it will look brand new and last long for my driving in the summer in Wisconsin I store it in the winter. want to keep it in the great cond...
3 years ago 1
Miata Battery and Battery Tender Question
Hi Folks. I have not been in here for a long time, but HELP>>LOL. Since the OEM battery, in my 2000 Miata, with less than 44,000 original miles, I hav e been using the Duralast battery from AutoZon...
4 years ago 1
Help with Kraft Werks super charger
I own a 2003 Mazda Miata and I purchased and installed a Kraft Werks super charger system early in 2011. This particular version didn't come with a inter cooler and had the Super Card Fuel Manag...
4 years ago
Need Maza windscreen for 1968 model bakkie 1000cc
4 years ago
Mazda Miata puffing white smoke after idling
sign. replaced head gaskets and did all top engine work while it was apart. got it back and it still smoked a little and got worse the more I drove it. replaced pcv valve, still smoking, cleaned...
4 years ago 1
2000 Miata fuel smell in car
The only place I smell fumes is the right rear wheel area. The evap. vent is in this area so I might expect to smell vapors. Evap. smoke test passed. Passed .010 orifus test. No signs of any fuel leak...
4 years ago
eunos roadster fires then turns over but not run , have changed pump and inline
eunos roadster fires but wont start, have changed pump and inline filter. made no difference to the problem . changed three high tension leads/ one stuck to spark plug, also changed three spark plugs....
4 years ago 1