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Mazda 929 1992: How do i remove the sunroof?
I found a glass one in a junkyard and want to replace my metal one. I can not find any instructions on how to remove it. That, or find a cheapo 929 service manual on eBay. Unless you can find some...
16 years ago 2
2001 Mazda Tribute OBDII P0401 Insufficient EGR Flow
I had this code but do not have a good EGR schematic to trace this problem to a possible faulty component. I don't want to shot gun this with a new EGR valve when it could be a leaky line or sensor...
16 years ago 3
5W20 in MPV
Is this the correct engine oil to use in a Mazda MPV for So. Cal? Yes Mazda Tech Service Bulletin 01-013-03 for the 2001-2003 MPV's you can use either 5w20 or 5w30. The only difference is 5w20 may...
17 years ago 4
Mazda 6 Jack
Hi all New owner of Mazda 6 here. The jack for wheel changing is hidden in a pocket down the side of the boot. When I try to remove it, it seems to be locked in place somehow! Is it clamped in a...
15 years ago 2
Mazda Trbute ES v6 makes strnage noise when pressing on gas accelerator
Hi I have a strange problem happening with my Mazda Tribute - when I press down on my gas pedal, I can occassionally here a hissing sound coming from the gas pedal vacinity of the car compartment -...
15 years ago
Battery Charge Rate Mazda 6
Hi all As the subject really - Anyone know what the voltage should be at the battery when the engine is running please? I am seeing about 14.5 volts and I am told this is high. The owner' manual...
14 years ago 4
Mazda spare tire
I had a few looks at the Mazda 3 & 5 lines and found they didn't meet my base requirements due to the inability to handle a full size spare. The spare in the Mazda 5 is actually a bit silly, not...
14 years ago
Engine shuts off after a few seconds - Mazda 626 '91
Hello, My buddy's wife has a Mazda 626 (I think it's a 91 or 92) that unfortunately has a very strange problem. They were driving it home the other night and the engine just cut off. When they try to...
16 years ago 7
Tail lights don't turn on when I brake on my Mazda protege 2000
My tail lights turn on when I turn my light on but when I brake it doesn't turn on. Does anyone know what the problem might be?
7 years ago
Metallic chattering sound - Mazda B2500 (Ford Ranger)
Got a problem with my 1999 Mazda B2500 (Ford Ranger under the hood), and before I take it to my "plug it into the computer, no error codes, nothing's wrong with it" mechanic, I wanted to run it by...
13 years ago 5