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Can someone help me with a code for my radio?
3 years ago
ESP, ABS, and Other Light (Looks like a shock absorber) comes on.
I have a 1997 Mercedes SL600 and while i'm driving, the ESP, ABS, and another light (Looks like a shock absorber inside parenthesis) comes on while I'm driving. I didn't hit the brakes prior to them...
15 years ago 5
1971 300SEL 6.3 FOR SALE
I will be consigning a 1971 300SEL on EBAY MOTORS commencing Sept 23rd for a duration of 10 days. This car is in near immaculate condition. I have copies of over $25,000 in service bills for this...
16 years ago
SL500 Driver Side Memory Seat Function Not Working
Anyone have any Idea? The memory function on the driver side has stopped working. Passenger side is fine. Fuses check OK. I have to reset the seat and mirrors manually.
16 years ago
300 TE-24 Problems
Hi! I´m driving a 300 TE-24 from 1992. The car doesn´t like standing around much, so to speak. :] I just drive it occasionly, so it gets to stand around quite alot. At first, the problems would only...
17 years ago 6
C280 Sport vs Luxury...what are differences?
I have been shopping C280 since finding a low mileage 1997. What is the difference between the Standard sedan vs Sport package? (I have noted white gauges on some; I presume that's sport kit) I still...
16 years ago 4
SL500 Lift points
I recently purchased a 2006 SL500 and want to do some rear brake work. I always like to have 2 jacks under each corner of the car before getting under them. The first lift point is the rubber pad on...
7 years ago
‪320 km/h with C63 AMG‬‏
9 years ago
02 / 03 S500 AMG Question: Looking to Buy
Folks, I am looking to purchase my first Benz. My primary model that I'm considering is either a 2002/2003 S500 AMG Sport. Any feedback regarding the cars build quality, engine power, handling,...
15 years ago 1
83 300SD block/oil filter leak ??
The gasket between the block and the oil filter body has started to leak so I need to replace it. It looks like a tough job because there's not much space. If anyone has done this can you give me some...
16 years ago
1998 S420 Factory Phone
Hi, I just picked a 1998 S420 with a factory phone and all. My problem is that the factory phone is portable, it is hideously large. I would prefer to use any GSM phone if possible instead. I was...
17 years ago
E500 135mph to remove?
2003 E500 has speed limiter set at 135mph, can this be removed or deactivated? Thanks, Grant Please tell us what highways you use. Talk to some of the companies that specialise in so called "super...
17 years ago 6
How to open trunk without battery c230 1998
Hi folks, I have taken out the battery from the trunk and closed the trunk. I tried to open the trunk by inserting the little steel key into the key hole and turned by 90 degree, the trunk could not...
11 years ago 5
Vacuum lines daigram M110 W126 280Se
I swapped the top of my engine. Some of the vacuum lines were left on. After all the alignments we find that we are unsure about some of the vacuum lines. We also have a no start. It appears as if the...
6 years ago
Merc 1982 500SEC No spark
Anyone experienced in the electronic ignition on The Merc 500 SEC. It just cut out and stopped and I'm making the assumption its in the little box. I have no spark and when the "black" box was opened...
12 years ago
190e Speed sensor
Hi All... Does the 190e (1991 UK spec 1.8L) mechanical speedo have a speed signal pickup at the rear of the unit ? There are several references on the web to the effect, poss green/black coloured....
16 years ago