2014 Mercedes C-Class Wagon

Meet the new, more versatile cousin of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class.
Called the C-Class Estate.
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The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate: As multifaceted as modern life
Stuttgart ? With the new Estate model Mercedes-Benz will expand the
CClass family starting in September 2014. The Estate shines
with a clear and at the same time emotional-sporty design, innovative
technology, variability and a cargo volume enlarged even beyond that
of the predecessor model. Its high-class, sophisticated interior makes
modern luxury tangible with design highlights. With these qualities
the Estate reinforces its reputation as a multifaceted lifestyle
vehicle with outstanding properties for everyday use. In addition,
with its many new assistance systems it not only offers the highest
standards of safety, but thanks to intelligent lightweight
construction, exceptional aerodynamics and new economical engines it
also sets new efficiency benchmarks in its segment. The Estate model
also provides the stage for the world première of the Mercedes connect
me services, which, among other things, make it possible to connect to
the vehicle from anywhere at any time and retrieve the current fill
level of the tank online.
The new C-Class Estate combines a striking, dynamic design and
high-class appointments with outstanding variability and a high level
of utility. With its versatility it also adapts to a wide variety of
requirements. As a stylish, sporty space vehicle it accompanies
active, modern people on shopping sprees, on vacation or when playing
sports, and is suitable for families in every respect. Consequently,
it continues the tradition of the C-Class Estates, which all in their
own time combined demands on lifestyle, sportiness and practicality in
an estate car, in the fourth generation on a new level.
Prof Dr Thomas Weber, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG
responsible for Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Cars Development:
"The new C-Class Estate is not only extremely practical thanks to
its large, variable load compartment. With its state-of-the-art
technical features it also strikes out in new directions in its
segment with regard to safety, efficiency and comfort. And both men
and women drivers enjoy noticeably more driving pleasure".
Variable and practical
The dimensions of new C-Class Estate have grown considerably. With an
80millimetre increase in the wheelbase (2840 millimetres)
compared with the previous model, the vehicle is 96 millimetres longer
(4702 millimetres) and 40 millimetres wider (1810 millimetres). The
resulting increase in space primarily benefits the rear-seat
passengers who now enjoy 45 millimetres more legroom. There is also
more shoulder room, elbow room and headroom than in the previous
The moderate growth spurt also involves the load compartment. The
sporty rear of the new C-Class Estate provides a maximum load capacity
of 1510 litres (according to ISO 3832). It thus surpasses its
predecessor by ten litres. The load compartment volume behind the rear
seats increased by five litres to 490 litres.
Variability and consequently functionality also increased
significantly. The rear seats now have a 40 : 20 : 40 split instead of
the 60 : 40 split in the predecessor. This opens up a wide range of
possibilities to use the interior as five-seater, four-seater,
three-seater or two-seater.
Practical details ensure that the load compartment is even more
versatile and easier to use, and as a result it can be conveniently
tailored to the individual transport tasks. The rear-seat backrests
can be unlocked and folded electrically at the push of a button to
create a enlarged level load compartment.
The exceptional loading convenience can optionally be further enhanced
with the EASY PACK power liftgate and the likewise optional HANDS-FREE
ACCESS system. It allows opening and closing the liftgate without
touching it. All it takes is a motion of the foot in the area of the
rear bumper.
Dynamic and of high value
The new C-Class sets visual highlights with a modern, dynamic design
that at the same time exudes sensuous clarity, arouses emotions and,
to top it all off, stages high-tech in perfect fashion. Customers can
choose from two fronts ? with the sports grille or ? reserved solely
for the EXCLUSIVE Line ? the luxury grille with the Mercedes star on
the bonnet.
Unusual for a vehicle with a focus on a high level of utility and
functionality is the high-value interior of the Estate, which was
adopted from the Saloon. With straightforward sportiness, thrilling
flowing lines and high-grade materials on the level of a luxury
vehicle, it realises a modern, luxurious and at the same time sporty
ambience. In addition to the base model, there are also three distinct
design and equipment lines each for the exterior and interior.
The Estate also bears the quality seal of the European Centre for
Allergy Research Foundation for a scientifically tested high level of
allergy-friendliness. Mercedes-Benz is the only vehicle manufacturer
to earn the ECARF seal.
Touchpad and head-up display
The touchpad in the new C-Class Estate developed by Mercedes-Benz
marks an evolutionary step. As on a smartphone, all the head-unit
functions can be operated using finger gestures. The 65 x 45
millimetre control surface of the touchpad is built into the handrest
on the central control panel and bordered by a high-quality metal
support ? a design feature with a high-tech feel which exudes luxury
at the same time.
A head-up display is also new feature in the C-Class Estate. As in a
jet fighter, it projects important information directly into the
driver's field of vision, ensuring that there is less distraction from
the road ahead. The system informs about vehicle speed, posted speed
limits, navigation instructions and DISTRONIC messages.
Less weight, more comfort
Thanks to innovative solutions, the body shell of the new C-Class
Estate weighs less, provides the basis for outstanding vehicle
handling and best noise and vibration comfort with exceptional
rigidity, and offers a high level of crash safety. With an aluminium
content of 49 per cent and up to 65 kilograms less gross vehicle
weight the Estate is the lightweight-construction leader in its
Efficient and lively engines
The powerful and efficient petrol and diesel engines with ECO
start/stop function comply with Euro VI emissions standards and ensure
sporty performance and driving pleasure. Compared with the predecessor
they in part consume in excess of 20 per cent less fuel.
The diesel models of the new C-Class are powered by the further
advanced four-cylinder or the new small four-cylinder engine, which as
BlueTEC models are all equipped with SCR technology (selective
catalytic reduction). They cover an output range from 85 kW (115 hp)
to 150 kW (204 hp).
In addition, Mercedes-Benz offers a diesel engine combined with a
hybrid module. The C 300 BlueTEC HYBRID with four-cylinder diesel
engine and compact electric motor generates a power output of 150 + 20
kW (204 + 27 hp) and despite its high power output runs on just 3.8
litres of diesel per 100 km/h in NEDC combined mode (equivalent to 99
grams of CO2 per kilometer).
Three BlueDIRECT four-cylinder petrol engines and one BlueDIRECT
sixcylinder petrol engine with power outputs ranging from 115
to 245 kW (156 to 333 hp) will initially be available for the new
C-Class. The four-cylinder C 350 HYBRID with plug-in technology and a
power output of 155 + 50 kW will follow in due course.
Agile and comfortable driving
Exemplary ride comfort coupled with outstanding dynamic vehicle
handling ? these are the hallmarks of the newly designed suspension of
the new C-Class Estate. Thanks to a new four-link front axle it offers
driving pleasure and ride comfort at the same time.
C-Class Estate customers will have a choice of two versions of the
standard-specification steel suspension, which also includes a sporty
set-up. As an alternative, Mercedes-Benz for the first time offers an
air suspension in this segment. The AIRMATIC air suspension manages to
bridge the gap between a high level of ride comfort and dynamic-agile
handling. AIRMATIC also features all-round self-levelling for optimum
ride comfort even with the vehicle loaded.
Choose your own driving experience
In the new C-Class Estate the driver can determine the desired driving
programme at the push of a button. Depending on the equipment level,
the driver can choose from various preconfigured drive programmes and
one the driver can design personally to a large extent. The following
characteristics are available: "Comfort", "ECO",
"Sport" and "Sport+". The additional
"Individual" option enables drivers to configure their
vehicle to suit their own preferences.
Like the Saloon, the new C-Class Estate is equipped with an electric
parking brake. This brake is released automatically when the driver
ends parking mode with the aim of moving off.
As is customary, the new C-Class is also available with 4MATIC
all-wheel drive.
Steering with a sporty character
All models of the C-Class family will in future feature the
electromechanical Direct-Steer system as standard. It combines
road-speed dependent power assistance from the speed-sensitive power
steering system, with a steering ratio that varies according to the
given steering angle. The power steering assist provided by the
rack-and-pinion steering gear is controlled as needed, thereby
contributing towards efficiency.
Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive: the intelligent car
It is the declared aim of Mercedes-Benz to make the highest standard
of safety available to everyone. For this reason the Estate adopts
almost all new assistance systems from the S- and E-Class, which have
been enhanced with significant functions. The assistance systems
increase both comfort and safety. Mercedes-Benz calls this Intelligent
The C-Class Estate is fitted as standard with ATTENTION ASSIST, which
can warn the driver of inattentiveness and drowsiness. It offers an
adjustable sensitivity level and can provide drivers with information
on their level of fatigue and the amount of driving time that has
elapsed since the last break.
Also part of the standard equipment is COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST
PLUS. In addition to the adaptive Brake Assist system, which helps to
protect against collisions at speeds above 7 km/h, this system now
features an additional function: when a danger of collision persists
and the driver fails to respond, the system is able to carry out
autonomous braking at speeds of up to 105 km/h (200 km/h in
conjunction with DISTRONIC PLUS), thereby reducing the severity of
collisions with slower or stopping vehicles. The system also brakes in
response to stationary vehicles at a speed of up to 50 km/h, and is
able to prevent rear-end collisions at up to 40 km/h.
New assistance systems with enhanced functions are optionally
available, combining data from various sensor technologies as part of
the Intelligent Drive concept to enhance comfort and safety:
DISTRONIC PLUS ? relieves the burden on the driver in keeping a safe
following distance
DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assist and Stop&Go Pilot relieves the
burden on the driver in keeping a safe following distance, even in
stop & go traffic. Steering Assist is new and helps the driver
with lateral control of the vehicle, even in gentle bends, and offers
a tailback vehicle following function.
BAS PLUS with Cross-Traffic Assist boosts driver braking depending on
the situation, if necessary up to full brake application and, for the
first time, can also react to crossing traffic and pedestrians.
Active Lane Keeping Assist warns of unintentional lane departures by
means of pulsed vibrations of the steering wheel and in the presence
of solid lane markings corrects the vehicle's track with one-sided
brake application. It now also intervenes with one-sided brake
applications in the presence of broken lane markings if the adjacent
lane is occupied by, for example, oncoming traffic, fast overtaking or
overtaken vehicles.
The multitude of optionally available assistance systems also include,
among others Active Parking Assist, which enables automated parking
with active steering and brake intervention in both parallel and
end-on parking spaces
Traffic Sign Assist with wrong-way warning function, which warns of
speed limits and also alerts the driver to no-overtaking zones and
noentry signs
Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus, which allows the high-beam headlamps to
be kept on permanently by masking out other vehicles in the light cone
of the high-beam headlamps
Airbags for safety
In addition to 3-point safety belts with pyrotechnical belt tensioning
and belt-force limitation for driver, front passenger and those in the
outer rear seats, numerous airbags serve to protect the vehicle's
occupants in an accident. These include:
combined thorax/pelvis sidebags for driver and front passenger
an optimised windowbag
sidebags for the outer rear seats (optional)
a kneebag for the driver
The front-passenger's seat can furthermore be equipped with an
automatic child seat recognition system. This automatic
front-passenger's airbag deactivation, introduced first by
Mercedes-Benz, uses a pressure sensor in the seat cushion to detect
whether an infant or child seat was placed on the front-passenger's
seat and automatically deactivates the front-passenger's airbag.
Contrary to other systems that require the airbag to be deactivated
with a key, this system prevents incorrect operation. As no special
transponder is required, the system works with all rear-facing child
restraint systems.
Climate control: signals from space
The further advanced climate control system provides improved control
quality, performance, efficiency and air quality. The new Estate is
the only vehicle in the segment to offer tunnel detection via
satellite navigation. It uses the map data from the navigation system
and the GPS location data to close the air recirculation flap
automatically when the vehicle enters a tunnel, subsequently
re-opening it when the vehicle emerges from the tunnel.
Another highlight contributing to a feel-good atmosphere is the AIR
BALANCE package with active fragrancing, air ionisation and more
efficient filtration than is available on the standard model.
Vibrant infotainment experience
Like the Saloon, the new Estate offers a completely new multimedia
generation with intuitive operation, featuring elaborate animations
and visual effects which present all the functions in a clear and
highly attractive manner. The Estate is furthermore also equipped with
the Frontbass system. This avant-garde acoustic systems uses the space
within the cross-member and side member in the body structure as a
resonance chamber for the subwoofers. The result is a listening
experience almost on a par with that enjoyed in a concert hall. A
Burmester® surround sound system is optionally available.
The navigation system presents its contents in interactive mode. Its
features include an animated compass, a "Drive Show" with
information for passengers similar to the on-screen presentations on
board airliners and Google Maps displayed on the head unit. COMAND
Online is now also able to provide more accurate real-time information
about the situation on the roads when it receives its traffic data via
the internet by means of the "Live Traffic Information"
Internet and diverse data sources
A Bluetooth-compatible mobile phone with data option is all it takes
to make even the Audio 20 system internet-capable. This enables the
internet to be surfed without restrictions when the vehicle is
In conjunction with COMAND Online, Mercedes-Benz Apps such as Weather,
GoogleTM Local Search with StreetView and Panoramio, destination/route
download and Facebook can be used while on the move. Audio and video
playback is possible from various sources. For example, via
Bluetooth®, from an Apple iPod® or iPhone®, from an SD card, USB stick
or CD/DVD (with Audio 20 CD or higher and with COMAND Online).
COMAND Online with hotspot functionality
COMAND Online not only offers a larger display with a resolution of
960 x 540 pixels and a special bonded glass cover such as is familiar
from consumer devices like the iPhone® or iPad. It also enables
digital TV/radio reception, for example, and offers fast hard-disc
navigation, automatic tailback avoidance via up-to-date and accurate
"Live Traffic Information", an integrated WLAN hotspot
functionality and the LINGUATRONIC voice-operated control system.
Telephony via Bluetooth® as standard
The standard Audio 20 USB system as well as Audio 20 CD and COMAND
Online all offer basic telephony as standard, which links up a mobile
phone to the vehicle via a standardised Bluetooth® interface.
Vehicle online with Mercedes connect me
Mercedes-Benz will introduce a new package of services in Europe under
the name "Mercedes connect me" with the new C-Class Estate.
The "Mercedes connect me" services can be used via a KOM
module with its own SIM card integrated into the vehicle. The
available services include accident, maintenance and breakdown
management, for example. Likewise, customers can connect to their
vehicle from anywhere and at any time via "Mercedes connect
me" and, among other things, retrieve the fill level of the tank
or start, stop or programme the auxiliary heating system.

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