Family Crisis

My plea for help out of this helpless crisis I am in. My mother has dementi a, my father passed away from throat cancer in 2012, I have lost the past 3
jobs due to not having reliable transportation. I've lost everything but m y mother but soon I will lose everything..The only good news is my mother t urned 65 and finally became eligible for Medicare. Other than my mother get ting her benefits life is full of over bearing struggles, fear, sadness, co nfusion and never ending disappointment. I stay so frustrated watching my i nnocent mother suffer her last years left to live before she will succumb t o her disease. She always taught me right, she helped and forgave anyone th at ever knew her and I find it beyond unfair the way she has yet to be rewa rded. And I am a drug free, normal guy with such a huge caring heart and no w I feel both of our worlds are becoming non existent. I am honestly scared to know how this story will end. I would never ask for donations if I real ly from the bottom of my heart wasn't scared and boxed into a situation to try as a last resort. I have had to try to survive without a vehicle for ov er 2 years now. During these 2 years my goal has been to try to save money to get a vehicle but everytime I think I am getting ahead by saving my luck runs out and I have to start over again. I have now found out the hard way that relying on co-workers and friends will only last so long and then som ething comes up in their lives which is understandable they were doing me t he biggest favor and a couple of them did the best they could but each time something eventually came up and forced me not to show up to work or cause me to get to work late.  No matter how hard I work I keep losing jobs . I can feel peoples emotions and pain, it hurts me when I see someone eith er hiding or showing their pain. It also bothers me to bother others for tr ansportation. It has been so hurtful feeling like a burden to anyone I ask for rides but I have to try. I am hoping someone can feel my pain too. I ne ed a vehicle so badly to get to work and hold down a job. If I can get a ve hicle I can finally start getting my life back in order. I am so lost witho ut a vehicle. I have been praying. I know god will provide.. He will never give us more than we can handle. Please know that I am so very thankful and grateful for any support. I am thankful that hopefully most of the readers have never had their spirit broken by the vise that my heart & mind are tr apped in. Please enjoy each day even the painful, confusing days. If I am l ucky enough to make it through this experience I hope and pray I will never return. When life spirals down to the levels I am at vicious cycle begins that makes it impossible to even help yourself unless you by chance you rec eive a miracle. I have the deepest respect for people who lift others when we can't even lift ourselves. I often dream of my life.. When times were so fortunate that my mother didn't just recognized me most of the time she sp oke so clearly and I could feel her love, when my father was alive, happy, healthy and full of smiles... I will never get the 2 most important people back but I can't wait to have my own life back. I now know how hard it is t o face day after day pretending to smile to keep my mother tears away which I see ironically she had done for me. I feel like completely falling apart but I do not have the luxury to do so. Please help me if you can if you're world is anywhere close to mine please know you're not alone. Always remem ber just when you think things can't get any worse they will... Always be h umble... don't wait for life to make you that way.... Thank you for hearing me. We are all in the ring fighting for our lives, be kind, merciful and s how forgiveness to each other.. We are all angels with one wing, we need ea ch other to fly.. For donations click the link below...
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