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[Q] Engine Oil Leaks?
Hi, My 240sx S13 car went for the six-monthly roadworthiness test earlier this week and it passed according to the service man as "all okay", but on reading the printed report later I saw it said...
2 months ago
04 Quest
Sliding door and hatch stopped working. Hoping it's a fuse. Anybody know where it would be located? No manual.
1 year ago
Repeated sensor failure
In an attempt to extinguish a "Service Engine Soon" dashboard warning light in my 2012 Nissan Versa Hatchback, I had the Mass Airflow Sensor at first cleaned, then twice replaced, as indicated by the...
2 years ago
Tire warning light sensor replacement
I'm getting low tire pressure warning but all tires have 39 PSI. I double- checked. Anyone get this done? Expensive? I can live with out the warnings - have for decades in other cars. FWIW - 2012...
2 years ago 1
Location of interior lighting fuse
2004 Nissan Quest
2 years ago 1
2000 Nissan Sentra transmission issues- is the PCM/TCM toast?
This car I recently bought with a few minor issues but the transmission see med ok, shifted normally, had good power on acceleration, overdrive could b e turned off and on, etc. Now the OD light won't...
2 years ago
Nissan LD28 - Idling Erratically and Blowing Smoke
My LD28 is smoking a lot and idling erratically. Any suggestions what may be causing this and what would be the best course of action. My LD28 is smoking a lot and idling erratically. Any suggestions...
2 years ago 1
Under the bonnet advice
Hi, I?m about to put an offer on this Nissan Micra (10) 3 doors - it drives really well and can see no problems on the outside. I?ve popped the bonnet to have a look and found this going on under the...
3 years ago
Panel lights
Is there any way to turn on the panel lights in daytime? Turning on headlights or parking lights doesn't. That dash light brightness control under the dash on the left side doesn't help. Nothing I can...
3 years ago
Re: OEM Nissan Parts Catalogs for Sale
No dealer is using microfiche (well not unless they live in hicksville). They have been using a computer program called FAST for about the last 20 years. Even my local foreign motor parts factor...
3 years ago
Air bag recall fiasco
Trip to Nissan a waste of my time and lots of gas for the long journey,. After I waited an hour and 15 minutes they told me they had no replacement air bags to replace my recalled ones. No return...
3 years ago 1
[Article] Original Nissan Z Car Was Never Supposed To Happen
From ... The Original Nissan Z Car Was Never Supposed To Happen ------------------------------------------------------ Former Nissan designer Yoshihiko Matsuo is the hero we need right now: a true...
3 years ago 1
Window glass problem
I have a problem with large horizontal teardrop shaped distortions in my passenger and back windows. Anyone else? 2012 Versa I emailed Nissan but they don't respond. TIA
3 years ago
Nissan made a working prototype of its BladeGlider EV hotrod
To bad it's not coming anytime soon to a showroom near you. However, I'm sure that one day this hotrod will be flying in the air rather the road. From: EG Nissan is getting serious again about its...
4 years ago
Tune signal
I got a 1995 nissan big cab xe. So the front ight turn signal didn't work though it was the light bulb cuz back one would flash real fast so i took it out and it was burnt so I replaced it and still...
4 years ago