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2005 Nissan Altima P1147 code - what is the repait that is needed?
I have a 2005 Nissan Altima. The Check engine light came on and it is a P1147 code. I think it is the O2 sensor. How hard is it to replace? they are as easy as putting in a spark plug BUT make SURE...
5 years ago 2
1999 Nissan Altima Brake and Battery light is ON
Hi, About 3 weeks back, my 1999 Nissan Altima, suddenly stopped when I was at a traffic light. The check engine, brake and battery lights all came ON. I turned off the ignition and turned it on again...
12 years ago 2
A/C Mildew Smell 2005 Altima V6
Now getting severe mildew odor from A/C when compressor cycles on. We're in New York City area so outside temperature is in the 30's. Heating system is the fully Automatic type so compressor cycles...
15 years ago 5
04 Altima Sometimes Hard To Start
I have a 2004 Altima. After turning the engine off for 15-20 minutes the car is hard to re-start. It will take about 10-15 seconds of cranking the starter for it to fire up. I know it doesn't sound...
16 years ago 1
1997 maxima Starting problems
My 1997 maxima recently stalled and would not start.i towed it to the mechanic and he replaced the starter with a rebuilt one. It was starting fine until now when i turn the key the engine cranks but...
16 years ago 1
how to adjust headlights on a 1993 nissan altima
does anybody know how to adjust the vertical height of the headlights on a 1993 nissan altima? i would greatly appreciate any help. thank you. i found a 1994 nissan altima owner's guide online that...
16 years ago 2
Mistakes not to make, Altima lower timing chain cover oil channel 1995 Altima
1995 Altima I've recently replaced the lower timing chain cover oil channel seal as it had been leaking. Somewhere on the web I read that it might be a little easier during re-assembly to remove the...
9 years ago 5
2003 Nissan Altima starting (security issue?)
About a week ago my Altima wouldn't start. Engine turned over fine. It just wouldn't fire up. Took it to a mechanic and he said it was a security thing. i brought him a different key and the car...
15 years ago 3
2003 Altima Antenna Location
I have a 2003 Altima and am adding an FM transmitter for an ipod. I want to put the transmitter as close to the antenna as possible. I think the antenna is located above the rear view mirrow, but...
13 years ago 1
Dealer Fuel System Service?
My Nissan dealer is recommending a Fuel System Service on my 2010 Altima with 61,000 miles. What is it? They want $249 which seems pricey to me. What would you do?
5 years ago
2005 Altima - Check Engine Light
Hi I'm sorry if this question was asked already, but My son bought a 2005 Altima recently and shortly afterward the check engine light came on and stays on. He said it also has hard start as if fuel...
10 years ago 4
PCV Valve Location on 1999 Altima
I wanted to replace the PCV valve on my 1999 Altima as part of a 100K mile tune-up. The problem is I cannot find where it is located! I have the 1998 Chilton's manual and it is not where the manual...
14 years ago
93 Altima stalling out
I have a 1993 Altima that is stalling out. It doesn't matter if I am accelerating or braking or going around a curve. It just dies on me. I had the distributor replace and the valve gasket cover...
14 years ago 1
Altima Fuel Injector Rail Torque
My son' had a fuel injector seal (the one between the fuel injector and the manifold) leak on his 97 Altima. We replaced the seals with new ones, but were wondereing how much torque to put on the 2...
14 years ago
can running with the throttle position sensor unplugged damage the car?
Hi folks. Happy new year! I've been wrestling with my egg beater altima and I think I've got it narrowed down to the TPS. Question 1: Can it hurt the car if I drive with the TPS disconnected? The idle...
15 years ago
'98 Altima: Broken window switch while the window is down, HELP
Subject says it all. Car in question is a '98 Altima, the driver's window is stuck down because the switch failed. I need to get the window back up ASAP. I simply want to jump the pins in the wire...
15 years ago 6
Any years to avoid, current generation Altima purchase?
I've recommended a lightly used Altima purchase to a family member. Looks like they're going to do it. Probably a 2.5S. Are there any years from the current generation to avoid? I have noted...
15 years ago
95 altima green switch in concole
Hey i've got a 1995 nissan altima GXE with this green switch on the console around where the chair starts to be meat it. Does anyone know what it does i got the car without an owners manual!?!?!
16 years ago
2003 Nissan Altima
I just bought my daughter a 2003 Nissan Altima and we cannot get the fog lights to cut off. The fog lights come on when you cut on the headlights, even in the 'Auto' mode. Is this normal? If not, how...
17 years ago 1
My nissan altima 2003 alarm keeps going off.
Is there anyway to disable the alarm? Or, does anyone know how I can not turn the alarm on when I lock up my car? Lastly, I've read on another site that someone removed their horn fuse. As a last...
13 years ago