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Nissan Maxima Odometer
2000 Maxima odometer display erratic information. Cannot read actual mileage. Everything else okay
5 years ago
Program new 96 Maxima Remote control
hi, Anybody know how to program the handheld remote control for a 96 Maxima without having to take it to the dealership to get it done ? thanks..
6 years ago
VSC/ABS/! LIGHT ON 2006 Maxima
Ideas why? On Thu, 22 Mar 2012 15:08:45 -0230, "Ed" wrote Re VSC/ABS/! LIGHT ON 2006 Maxima: brakes hahahahahahaahhahahahahahah get what you give On Thu, 22 Mar 2012 18:34:07 -0230, "Ed" wrote Re Re:...
8 years ago 4
Tail light bulb replacement
Can anyone tell me how to access the tail light bulb/socket on a 2007 Maxima? I can't figure out how to get the trunk panels out, and I don't even know it the light bulb sockets would be accessible...
10 years ago
gen 4 '95 nissan maxima running too lean on fuel
My Maxima is a '95 model, Automatic it has 211,000 miles, It has been slow to start when cold for some time, cranks fast just don't like to start. Once it starts it runs perfect till it warms up,...
10 years ago
2000 Maxima SE Key FOB
The key FOB will lock the doors but will not open them. I replaced the battery in the FOB, but the result was the same. Is the problem with the FOB itself in that when I press the 'open' pad on the...
11 years ago 1
power windows, locks, seats do not work
Hello, I have a 2000 Maxima. last week the power windows, locks & driver side power seat adjusters stopped working. I found a blown 40Amp fuse in the fuse box under the hood. I replaced it and it blew...
11 years ago 6
Clutch pedal pressure changing
Maxima Gurus, Please see the detailed problem listed below. The clutch pedal pressure varies during the day. -------------------------------- 97 Nissan Maxima SE, 5 speed, 184416 miles presently (no...
12 years ago 2
2001 Maxima acceleration hesitation
I have a 2001 Maxima SE automatic and am experiencing the following problem. When I "floor" it to get on a freeway or when I am passing someone, there is about a 2 second hesitation, then the engine...
13 years ago 2
2000 Maxima and Chip in Key
Anyone know how close the transponder chip in the ignition key for a 2000 Maxima has to be to the steering column? If I keep the original key in the glove compartment and use a key without the chip in...
13 years ago
Shift lock problem
I have a 2002 Maxima, Auto trans.. Even with the brake depressed I cannot shift out of Park without depressing the manual shift lock release switch at the base of the shifter. I broght it to a Nissan...
13 years ago 2
2001 Nissan Maxima Service engine soon light!! HELP!!
Hello I have a 2001 Nissan Maxima GLE and the service engine soon light is on and I Really and i mean REALLY need to get rid of that light does anyone have any ideas how to get rid of it and MAKE SURE...
13 years ago 3
Left Front Sway bar link?
Hi Guys, I too my '02 Maxima for an oil change and the nissan tech told me that I need to replace my left front sway bar link and it will cost me $150. I can hear squeaking noise from the front left...
13 years ago 4
RE: Engine runs rough
Hey guys, just bought a 92 maxima gxe, never had one before. The problem I have is that the engine runs really rough, low idol and i have to punch the pedal in order to get it to move. I changed the...
13 years ago 1
96 Maxima - 0503 and 0303 O2 sensors
I keep getting these codes: P0150 and P0130 or 0303 and 0503 codes for my O2 sensors on my 96 Maxima. Here is how it began: I would get a misfire every now and then, mainly at idle while with trans in...
14 years ago
1994 Maxima and need to replace the water pump
I have a 1994 Maxima and need to replace the water pump. How hard is it going to be to replace the timing belt and water pump? Any hints or help tips? I'm in the military and need to try and save some...
14 years ago 5
Battery icon idiot light turns on
The battery icon (idiot lamp) has turned on a couple times recently in my 2001 Maxima, 68k mi's. At the same time, the brake light also comes on. It's happened during or after a rain... both light...
14 years ago 9
water leaking into passenger compartment
I have water leaking into my 97 Maxima GLE. The car is in good condition, no rust. I originally discovered this problem when my car was parked and melting snow filled the driver's side (both front and...
14 years ago 6
Muffler/exhaust system repair advice for 2k Maxima SE
Hi all Just looking for some advice. I was experiencing a new race-car growl from my Maxima and had it checked out. Turned out that the muffler inlet pipe had opened up/separated/almost broke. The...
14 years ago 7
1993 Maxima Radio Replacement
My Bose radio died a few years ago and I'm just getting around to replacing it with a radio / cd player / mp3 player that I bought at Wal-Mart this morning, Virtual Reality Sound VR3 CD Player. I...
14 years ago 17