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Toyota Prius Memochat
What else should I look for? I'm already feeling greedy and want navigation, backup camera, JBL sound system, and fog lamps -- like I enjoy with my recently-purchased Toyota Solara. I think that p...
10 months ago 3
samuel l
i have a problem w prius 05 i replace coolant control valv but the code still is the same them after i replaced waterpump elect and the code persist any one have or had this problem can help m...
1 year ago
2015 Prius speakers
they are in the Prius Four? Perce
1 year ago
Prius Mode setting blank
switch it off, when I switch it on again there is no "Mode" indicator at all -- blank where the Mode indicator normally displays. What Mode is it actually in at that point? -- doesn't feel like Po...
1 year ago 4
Updated maps for 2015 Prius Four?
I am seeing conflicting information on line about update maps for the 2015 Prius Four's navigation system. E.g., (a) whether all one needs is the (micro?)SD card with the map, or whether one nee...
1 year ago
Stuck in "Park"
"Park" instead of "Neutral," and had a difficult time getting it out of "Park." Holding the shift lever to the left accomplished nothing, nor did powering off and on again. Couldn't get it into ...
1 year ago
Connect to Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids?
Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids? The aids are detected, but I cannot get them paired. Perce
1 year ago 4
Thinking ahead -- wheels for snow tires
What do y'all do about snow tires on your Priuses (Prii?)? Do you get a second set of wheels and get the snow tires installed on them? If so, any particular recommendations? Or would it be better ...
1 year ago 2
2015 Prius Four tire pressure display?
but is there any way to display the individual tire pressures on our Prius Four (as our Chrysler 300M did)? Perce
1 year ago 5
Bait and switch
I just found two listings (by different dealerships in different States) for what purported to be used Prius Fours, which, when I checked the VIN at, turned out to be Prius Twos. Is t...
2 years ago 2
2014 Prius problems after software update -- other years too?
(firmware?) updated have experienced significant problems -- e.g., sudden loss of power -- and are suing Toyota. Is there a similar problem -- or any other serious problem -- with other model ye...
2 years ago 1
158 MPG after 5 tanks and 8,700 miles
Our first year of Prius Prime ownership: o 8,700 miles o 5 tanks, 11 gal each, 55 gal total o 158 MPG (~1/3d gas and 2/3 electric) To go 100 miles, it cost: o gas: $3.99 / 100 mi o ele...
2 years ago
I just told her I drive a Prius
She told me we both should see other men.
2 years ago 1
Speed alarm for 2017 Prius 3 Touring
In my other car I set the speed alarm for 5 mph over the speed limit say 70 for example. If I went 71 beep-beep-beep with "You've gone over your speed limit" in an info window. Is there a way to...
2 years ago
startup battery
The battery died the other day that I had to jump-start it to drive. I noticed that the battery to drive the car was actually close to full so it seems the battery to start the car is totally unrelatd...
3 years ago