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Saturn 2002 SL2

March 14, 2019, 6:04 pm

Car will not stay idling or rent I replace spark plugs thermostat Cadillac converter please tell me what's going on with my car it was running fine an d all of a sudden on my way home it just shut... Read more »

1993 Saturn SL L4-1 FAILED SMOG...why?

March 2, 2018, 12:14 am

I just bought a 1993 Saturn SL1 and It's not passing smog . The guy said that there's not enough power when he presses on the gas. What can I do .. Read more »

My Saturn Astra!

November 15, 2017, 9:18 pm

Hello! Something happened with my Saturn Astra. The engine began to run unevenly, appeared to vibrate, and the oil consumption increased. Has anyone encountered this problem? What is the reason? -... Read more »

2002 sl1and 2002 sl2 have both

October 7, 2016, 4:26 am

Sl series .both have severe oil leaks on motor and I've seen many others .but I can't find out where it's coming from .I pressure washed it clean .it leaks can't find it .engine was coated with oil... Read more »

2001 sc1 pl pm pw cruise .5 spd.

October 4, 2016, 11:11 pm

10 amp body fuse burns out acts like like b c m ? no gauges work ,most warning lamps in dash on .no cooling fsn .running lights on key out switch off .also trunk lamp on in dash .think that could b... Read more »

I'm back

June 15, 2016, 9:54 pm

I had been accessing through which appears to have gone belly up again. Now posting through Read more »

2007 Sautrn Aura Mods & Customizations

March 30, 2016, 5:05 pm

Hello my name is Fabian and this is my first time on the Forum, I am looking to modify my Saturn as I already have it on rims limo tint and 1 12 in the trunk. I have recently changed the breaks, chan... Read more »

misfire in cylinder 3

September 13, 2015, 11:57 am

i have a 97 saturn sl. it burns oil, blue smoke, hesitates, oil in airfilter and is throwing a code for misfire on cylinder #3. i have changed spark plugs, wires, both coil packs, fuel injector for #... Read more »

help please

September 4, 2015, 10:20 am

I have a 1992 Saturn SC2 5 speed I replaced my clutch two days ago and my car will shift all the gears and trys to pull but it won't at all it will just rev up can someone please help Read more »

Need help with a 2002 Saturn Sc1

May 11, 2015, 11:27 am

Have a 2002 Saturn SC1, got it used for $1800, had a few problems with it, it shakes very badly, especially with the A/C turned off, but that isn't what concerned me so much as the stalling and the m... Read more »

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Wiring for fog lights 94 SC

rating: 5

95 SC2 I bought came without fog/driving lights, so I bought a pair of lights from someone parting out their car. They included the panel switches, which plug right into my electrical without modifi... Read more »

brake light on dash stuck on

rating: 5

Folks- I had a brake line break on my SL2 (due to rust), at which time the red brake warning light on the dash came on. The brake line is fixed now, the air has been bled out of the system and the pe... Read more »

SOHC Performance Mod's

rating: 5

I've recently been wondering if it's worth my while to purchase a new(used) and more powerful car other than a saturn, or get an SL2/SC2... OR take on the challenge of tweaking the SOHC I currently o... Read more »

Chevron vs.Valvoline oil

rating: 5

Anyone out there have a opinion on Chevron premium 10/30 and Valvoline 10/30 Thanks Read more »

92 SL2 Rough Idle, No Codes

rating: 5

I recently replaced the EGR soleniod in my 92 SL2 to try and fix the trouble codes 26 and 32 stored on the PCM. I have been driving the car for three days and no codes have been reset however my car... Read more »

1993 Saturn SL1 keeps stalling

rating: 5

My 1993 Saturn SL1 starts up fine when the engine is cold (like in the morning) but stalls during the day after the car has been running and the engine is hot. And then the car will not start. It tu... Read more »

Revving high in park?

rating: 5

Hi all, Car's been acting a little odd last couple times I drove it. This has never happened before and currently its stupidly cold outside and prolly the coldest this car has ever encountered (about... Read more »

Remote Battery Replacement

rating: 5

The battery has gone on one of my remotes. Following the manuals instruction, I can open the remote and remove the battery. The problem I am having is that the battery and manual specify a CR2030... Read more »

Saturn Coolant Supplement Pellets?

rating: 5
  [ 2 ]

My 17-year old son has a 1996 SL1 that we drained, flushed, and re-filled with ethylene glycol (Peak brand) coolant earlier today in preparation for winter. When checking out the owner's manual to de... Read more »

L300 problems

rating: 5

Hello First of all sorry about the long explanation. I have a 2002 L300 with about 70,000 miles everything worked fine until last week that I got the following problems. The car still seams to work ... Read more » is a website by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts. It is not affiliated with any of the car or spare part manufacturers or car dealers discussed here. All logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.