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Scotty Kilmer on Subaru's
1 week ago
tires and noise?
Hi All , My beloved Forrester is rather noisy, especially at high speed. Not to ask too stupid a question, but is there a type of tire that will reduce some of the noise? Many thanks, -T
1 week ago 14
Its here - the new 2020 Subaru Outback
Well - I'm not a fan of this car - never have been. But I know there are alot of you that love the Subaru Outback. Its all new for 2020 and you might have to go and get one after seeing it. From...
1 month ago 2
Speed Racer
I never paid it a lot of attention but a couple of weeks ago I noticed that the speedo on my 2018 3.6R OB Touring runs up the 160mph (~260kph). Absolutely bonkers. Then I started to wonder what th...
2 months ago 2
a Forester not coming to the USA
Just heard this today. It's funny:
2 months ago 1
Tire Pressure Paranoia?
Do those of you who have full-up tire-pressure monitoring find yourself becoming obsessed? My 2018 OB Touring has the detailed pressure readouts and it is _way_ too interesting. My old 2008 had th...
2 months ago 10
2015-18 Forester Recall
Got a letter from Subaru advising of recall for passenger seat occupant detection system problem in 2015-18 Forester. Faulty connection may prevent recognition that passenger seat is occupied. ...
3 months ago 1
New Harmon Map
head-end unit: Rel_A1.19.24.20 NAFTA published 2019012-06 17:12
3 months ago 1
Parts for '68 - '79 Subarus ! fyi
4 months ago
Parasitic battery drain - What is considered too high?
Parasitic drain: Current draw on battery with car turned off. If the car sits idle for more than a week, it may not start. The battery has been drained. I bought a jump booster to make sure the c...
4 months ago 6
Differential oil change?
It's about time for me to change the ATF in my '08 Tribeca. Last time I did it was about 100,000 km ago, so I don't quite remember what all happened the previous time. So I'm wondering, do I need ...
5 months ago 2
Need a part for an '07 Turbo WRX Impreza
My friend's dealer says that he can't get the part and they don't make it anymore and there's no aftermarket source. Can anyone help? The part is - a Fuel system part for a 2007 Subaru Impreza WRX ...
5 months ago 10
Subaru's stubborn low grades in the U.S.
The other day I stumbled into this article in Automotive News that is a cause for concern for me before I buy my Subie. What d...
7 months ago 44
Door gasket
The gasket in my driver's side door opening has come loose. There doesn't seem to have been any adhesive applied to keep it in place. Maybe it was thought unnecessary, but it is now. What adhesi...
7 months ago 2
Timing belt or chain?
Which one is used in Subies? If timing belt, what is the recommended replacement interval?
7 months ago 10