Re: [NEWS] Subaru spinning off sub-brand for Outback and Forester

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>    Subaru Is Spinning Off A Sub-Brand For The Outback And Forester
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>    Subaru wants in on the sweet, sweet profit margins that upgraded
>    models of current production cars bring, so it's going ahead
>    with the strategy by forming a new sub-brand for the Outback and
>    Forester.
>    The Japanese carmaker is no longer oblivious to the upsell. It
>    will launch a sub-brand called Wilderness, per Automotive News.
>    The report calls it an off-road sub-brand, which is kind of
>    like when Dodge Ram pickups spun off into their own brand. Or
>    even something like VW's Chinese brand Jetta.
>    The new Subaru models, which are set to launch along with the
>    2022 Outback, will sport off-road upgrades like higher ground
>    clearance and off-road tires straight from the dealer.
>    But it's not exactly clear whether this is going to be a
>    distinct brand or if it's an edition of the Outback and Forester
>    that will sit atop the trim levels. If it is set to be a whole
>    brand, I think they could have come up with something better
>    than Wilderness. Maybe something with a space theme, or
>    something space adjacent, since Subaru is known for its
>    Pleiades badge.
>    Sure, Wilderness is in line with the theme Subaru is going for,
>    but the two nameplates already have that covered. And it's a
>    going to feel a little strange referring to a souped-up Subie
>    as a Wilderness Forester or Wilderness Outback. Or if it's
>    just a trim, then maybe Wilderness will be tacked on at the
>    end, like a Wrangler Rubicon.
>    But I find it odd, because wilderness is a region among nature.
>    And a forest is a wooded area outdoors. Uh, I think there's
>    some overlap there. Same thing with the Outback, though to a
>    lesser degree. The Outback refers to the remote region of
>    Australia. So a Wilderness Outback sounds conflicting. The
>    naming scheme with this sub-brand (or edition) sounds silly. >
>    But the dealers were clamoring for it and the chairman of the
>    Subaru National Retailer Advisory Board, Patrick Wergin, said
>    the new sub-brand is meant to satisfy consumer demand. Wergin
>    said the following, per Automotive News:
>        "We're hoping that the Wilderness edition will attract
>         consumers that are active lifestyle families and that
>         do like to go out and maybe do a little bit more
>         off-roading. We're excited about the opportunity to
>         have this vehicle capture new clients in the segment." >
>    Wally Sommer, president of a Subaru dealership in Mequon,
>    Wisconsin, backed up Wergin, saying:
>        "We've had customers asking for, and retailers have
>         identified the demand for, these more capable
>         off-road-type vehicles[.] Subaru has responded, and
>         people are going to be very pleased with the product
>         when they see it."
>    I'm still a little suspicious of the move, but if it gets
>    drivers excited about the beefier station wagons people insist
>    on calling CUVs (in the case of the Outback) then by all means
>    Subaru, go wild.
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Sounds like a new package to me, not a spin off brand:
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Sounds like death and lawsuits to me. Firestone Wilderness tires on Ford SUVs is the first thing that comes to mind when connecting "Wilderness" with autos. Maybe Subaru got a good deal on the trademark.
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I am not seeing a much higher ground clearance.
And a higher ground clearance would make it more unstable driving the freeway
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Sounds more like a trim level option for those that really do go offroad rather than the vast majority of SUV owners that never get off the paved streets. Be interesting to see if the trim level costs less than getting the knobby tires (which means less traction on smooth streets), lift kit, longer and stiffer struts/shocks, and perhaps a tuning chip.
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