amsoil vs other synthetics?

AMSOIL is the best Synthetic oil on the market 2002 Ford F250 or 248,000 miles I?ve been using it since it was new and it still runs like new and I change my oil every 25,000 miles and dodge stratus 2007 with 265,000 and head never worked on the motor ever I?m still runs like a new can?t believe it myself I will never use another oil in a vehicle ever not only have I not had to work on them the damn things run forever run AMSOIL in my boat 350 chevy motor 1987 Touch the key it starts and runs great what the hell else can I tell you
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robertgrayburn55 is where to get the oil Amazon products are not a scam anyone that tells you that is full of shit if you want you can use my zo# 5482977 or not i use it in every toy i have .
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