Chevrolet 428??

In 1963 and 64 GM built a 429 it was in the caddy 1964 is the first year for ?climate control? heating and air conditioning systems in Cadillac. 1,870 El Dorados built in 1964, all were convertibles.
ENGINE: Eight-cylinder, 340 H.P., overhead, 90 degrees V-type; bore 4.13"; stroke 4.0"; displacement 429 cu. In. Max. torque 480 ft.-lbs. Engine mounted in rubber at three points. Compression ratio 10.5 to 1.
PISTONS: Aluminum alloy, slipper type to reduce friction surfaces and permit nesting between crankshaft counterweights. Two compression rings, one oil ring with expander; top compression ring chrome-plated to minimize wear on cylinder walls. Recessed contour in piston head increases turbulence for fast, complete burning of fuel-air mixture.
CARBURETOR: Four-barrel downdraft with equalized manifolding; mechanical fuel pump; dry type air filter; automatic choke.
LUBRICATION: Full pressure. Full-flow oil filter standard
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Yes it was in the Bonneville. You could get a dealer option/install for your Firebird, the Formula 400 cars in 68 and I think in 69 as well. I've seen a 68 Formula Firebird with a 428 Ram Air 4 speed at a car show and the owner told me that it was installed by the dealer.
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