ECU programming

i bought a used ECU for my vehicle. I am considering flashing the ECU myself. I noticed that there is some Chinese companies that are selling a USB cable. I already have one. So can I use openecu software or do I need to purchase a Tactrix openport cable.
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Randall Shimizu
I'm not familiar with Tactrix or OpenECU, so I'll just speak about BMW software and Chinese cables.
I have dealt with what BMW calls an Electronic Control Unit using the BMW software known as Progman (along with Ediabas, Inpa, DIS/GT1, NCS, etc.) which requires a RS232 or USB adapter to the vehicle 20-pin Pacman or 16-pin OBDII port & Windows software to "code" the dozen or so ECUs on the bimmer.
The common Chinese L-Line, K-Line D-CAN cables work just fine.
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Arlen Holder

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