loose wheel sheering off studs

The wheel nuts clamp the wheel on tight, so that friction holds the wheel
onto the hub - actually the disc brake rotor. So the warning is that if
the wheel is loose, then the studs are taking the weight instead.
So I imagine it chews up the wheels and makes a noise.
But the studs also go through the brake rotor, and I think that on the
front wheels during a panic stop, the force of the rotor on the studs
would be more than the weight, so that is more likely to shear off the
studs. Has anybody seen this - catastrophic failure during a sudden stop?
Maybe they didn't live to tell the tale.
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I've seen stud failures from the nuts working loose as well as from the folks who hammer them on with an impact. Rarely see it on steel rims though. The most load isn't while stopping in a straight line, it is while braking in a corner where you have forces acting in multiple directions.
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Steve W.
Agreed. The one thing that these two failure modes have in common is that they are the result of people not using a torque wrench properly. --scott
You picked a fine time to leave me, loose wheel, With four hungry children and the crop in the fields...
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Scott Dorsey

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