Re: Why do horns in small cars sound so weak and small?

> :
> : Big cars have horns that make 'big sounds.' Loud. Full.
> : Small cars have horns that make 'small sounds.' "tinny." "beep beep". > :
> : I thought of this yesterday when I was driving my big old buick,
> : and had a need for the horn. I thought "i'm glad i'm driving this
> : car, rather than my Camry." The camry is not a small car, but
> : it still has a small car "beep beep" sound...
> :
> : So.. the question is: what are the determinants of the sound of
> : cars? Why do the horns on small cars sound as they are?
> : Is it because the engine compartment is smaller? Is the horn
> : smaller? Not powered as much? Do new big cars still have
> : that sounds that you get from the big old cars?
> It is because someone has designed it that way.
> To same money (and a bit of weight), a lot of small cars come with just
> a single horn. A lot of the old Detroit iron had two horns tuned to
> different notes. This is probably the biggest difference in the sound.
> The solution is easy. Just go down to the local junk yard, and get
> the horns off some old Detroit iron. Wire them up, and get that
> good old satisfying sound.
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butler mike
Many people who drive weenie cars do so to virtue signal they are green. And the little horn sound fits right in...being polite and not adding to noise pollution ;-)
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Wade Garrett
Crap. When the State of California paid me $1K for my 88 Cadillac POS I should have done that. I don't think you're required to have a horn when you turn it in to be crushed.
OTOH, the horn probably didn't work either :-(
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The Real Bev
Notice the original post here was from 1993. Small car horns don't sound the way they did in 1993, and small cheaply-made car doors don't sound tinny any longer. Toyota got some acoustical guys in to look at making small cars sound more solid, and the rest of the industry followed along very quickly back in the nineties. --scott
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Scott Dorsey

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