Just my rotten luck:
Back in summer of 2003, had a local independent change
out my 1996 Ford Contour(Mondeo) belt, low 60,000s.
He had the car for three days, because he did all the work
himself. Second day, got a phone call from this guy: "Hey
look, sorry this timing belt is taking longer than I thought.
There's one end where I can't get the belt off, I'll have to
lift the whole engine out".
Got it back later on third day, don't remember how much
he charged, maybe $200-250?
Four months later, November, coming home from cross-
state on a six-lane, heard a loud buzzing sound, figured
it was some Ricer-mod going by in the passing lane.
Minute later noticed my engine was losing pickup. We
managed to exit the highway and coast all the way to a
tire & alignment place that was closed on weekends.
Called AAA and got a tow to a local garage five minutes
from home. Next day, diagnosis: 'Timing belt failed'.
So WTH did the first garage do, over the summer when
I had the belt replaced at interval?
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Have seen that happen with a failed tensioner and more often with a cheap or cloned belt. They will shear the teeth off and slip.
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Steve W.
Steve W.:
Hence the 'buzzing exhaust' sound I heard minutes before I limped off of that interstate..!
I suspect this guy simply did not know what he was doing, and probably instelled the new belt wrongly. In how many vehicles have you ever heard of having to lift the engine out to replace a TBT(Timing Belt & Tensioner)?
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Some you need to take the engine out to get the sump off.
With the old VW, it was easier to take the engine out to do just about anything with the engine.
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Well on the 2.0 version of that car you need to remove an engine mount and lift the engine about 3 inches to get room enough to get the belt off and on. Actually common on many vehicles where they cram the engine in place. There are a few that require mounts to be removed just to work with the accessory belts.
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Steve W.
_________ In such case: WTH was Ford THINKING when they designed that car? Excellent road manners, compared by some magazines to the contemporary 3-Series, just a cramped back seat for some folks, and a bitch to work on, lol!
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