using fuel pressure regulator that is wrong pressure?

A old vehicle had regulator 3 bar for standard engine and 3.3 bar
for supercharged engine. It was an odd-size part, and Bosch no longer make
it. Maybe a few sitting in a warehouse in Germany.
There is one third-party copy part, but only with 3.3 bar pressure.
Presumably the higher pressure would go with different injectors and
ECU map. So if one put in standard engine, what would happen? Perhaps
it runs rich for a while, and will be trimmed back?
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Higher pressure = higher fuel flow at the injector nozzle. The 0.3 bar pressure increase would be related to improvements in volumetric efficiency, ie. airflow.
It would be rich over and above the mapping.
It's possible if the error is within the trim range.
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