Why are torque wrenches eschewed by many mechanics

Techs who don't use a torque wrench are just grease monkeys. I hate techs who overtighten nuts and bolts. They supposedly have the right tools, and then don't use them properly. Use a torque wrench donkey.
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there are a lot of places to use torque wrenches, every single fastner has a torque setting. So some are necessary some not so much. Head gasket, manditory, wheels a good idea. so a wide range of use or not use. what is your particular beef? I don`t know a single mech that doesn`t use a torque wrench some where. KB
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Kevin Bottorff
One of my favourite memories of my first car, a 60's beetle in Germnay. Wanted to change tire, but it was way overtorqued, and the hulking gas station guy said "you just need to pull harder". He dragged the car several inches, but managed to do it.
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