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i have a toyota 94 camry xle. checklight is on, and shows, cylinders 2,4, and 6 misfiring, plus egr problem I have changed all plugs, plus the egr. PROBLEM IS THIS, WHEN I TURN THE IGNITION ON, I ...
3 months ago
Toyota Camry and Avalon finally getting AWD
Its about time. Toyota has announced that the Camry and Avalon will FINALLY get AWD. Time to get out the check book From AB The best line in Toyota's press release announcing the availability of...
4 months ago
Door lock
Does the camry key cylinder have a mechanical connection with the door latch or does it rely on the electric solenoid? IE.will it open door if there is no power to the solenoid system.
9 months ago
when i drive. I have a leak, what can I use to save the car in lieu of a re built trannie which costs more than the car is worth. What product could st op the leak and heal the trannie in the meanti...
11 months ago
98 Camry V6 differential fluid shared with tranny?
Is the fluid in the transmission shared with the differential in the '98 V6 model? I have the original service manual (2 books) and it doesn't say anything about it (or I wasn't able to locate it). I ...
1 year ago
Key fob not working in cold
never had any issue with the fobs working until this fall. The last few months the fobs have become intermittent at best, and at times won't work at all for up to a couple of days at a time, no matter...
1 year ago 1
i have a 94 toyota camrey xle 6. I began having starting problems earlier in the week. Turn the ignition, wouldn't start, wait, eventually it would kick over. Anyway, a mechanic told me, since my ba...
2 years ago 1
How to turn off SRS when vehicle is not running
My mother pushed the lock button on keys when in the car?
3 years ago
lights will not turn off while engine is on when I turn light control to off position
2007 toyota LE 4dr.
3 years ago 1
Security Icon Blinking
even I have start my car as I can recall, once I have inserted my car key into the ignition slot, the Security Icon will stop Blinking.
3 years ago
Part needed
It has two light sockets and a little connector. The local wrecking yard has them without the little connector. I called a big network, and they said they didn't have any cars that old. (?) Any ...
3 years ago 1
93 Camry radio stuck in "HELP" mode
the antitheft radio would not work. I recently bought this car and did not know where to find the original owners code to unlock the radio until AFTER I locked the radio up, meaning that it's now stuc...
3 years ago 1
Serpentine Belt Tensioner Replacement in Camry 2005 4 Cyl
I am planning to replace serpentine belt and the belt tensioner in my Camry 2005 4 cyl. Any advise/points how to make this seemingly difficult job ea ser? I have a general idea after watching on...
3 years ago 1
Need to know what this is called and
99 Toyota camry this is causing my car not to start if its grounded it will start but cant figure out where it goes Will try to post pictures in a second
3 years ago
99 camry crankshaft seal
Hi, FSM Instructions say to "Apply MP grease to a new oil seal lip." Is this the (smooth) side facing the crankshaft pulley? Guy here mentions it around the 3:05 mark.
3 years ago