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Door lock
Does the camry key cylinder have a mechanical connection with the door latch or does it rely on the electric solenoid? IE.will it open door if there is no power to the solenoid system.
1 year ago
Key fob not working in cold
I've had my 2012 Camry and three fobs to it for about 3.5 years now, and have never had any issue with the fobs working until this fall. The last few months the fobs have become intermittent at best,...
2 years ago 1
i have a 94 toyota camrey xle 6. I began having starting problems earlier in the week. Turn the ignition, wouldn't start, wait, eventually it would kick over. Anyway, a mechanic told me, since my...
3 years ago 1
Weight an 04 Camry can hold
Groups Google+ Gmail Web more ? How much weight can my Camry carry ? 5/3/08desgnr 97 Camry LE 4 cyl. I need to pick up some concrete pavers that are 2"x8"x16" & weigh 17 pounds each. I need 36 & the...
4 years ago
1992 toyota camry 2.2 no spark at plugs
checked fuses replaced distributor
5 years ago
Brake pedal goes half-way to the floor, only the first time
Brake pedal goes half-way to the floor, only the first time. Finally driving my car again after it was laid up for 2 months. I don't think it was like this 3 months ago. When I first press the brake...
6 years ago 8
1MZ-FE water pump change, identify this part?
Hi, I'm changing the water pump on the '02 Sienna, 1MZ-FE engine. Yes I know this is the Camry newsgroup, but this engine is similar to the V6 on the Camry, right? Plus I think the folks here are more...
7 years ago 5
I just got a Toyota Solara!
I just got a Toyota Solara convertible! I look forward to pleasant car conversations with you all (unlike on , where so many people seem so angry). Not many questions yet, just three. I hope you can...
9 years ago 6
A/C condensate drain location in a 2001 Camry
Can some one tell me where (which side, middle etc.) the condensate drain line is located. I looked from underneth and could not find it. I found where the heater hoses go through the f/w but no...
10 years ago
Recirc won't stay on '07 Camry
Since I bought my "07 Camry, when I push the recirc button to prevent outside air from flowing into the cabin, it will go off after awhile and outside air starts to come through. I took it in while it...
10 years ago 16
which spark plugs?
Planning to change the spark plugs in the '99 Camry. Thought it would be straightforward... the manual gave Denso PK20TR11 and NGK BK-(it's- really-long) as approved replacement plugs. Called one auto...
10 years ago 17
4 cylinder Camry with P0171 code
My 4-cylinder 97 Camry is showing a check engine light, and when Autozone scanned it, it was showing only a P0171 code (fuel-air mixture too lean). There aren't any other codes, and I haven't noticed...
11 years ago 8
90S vs. 90H tires
Hi all, I've got a '96 Camry (174k miles). The tires are pretty worn (via the quarter/Washington's head method). The struts (shocks?) are also shot... BUT, since we're not sure how much longer we're...
11 years ago 1
'99 Camry P0446 Code
99 Camry 4-cyl Auto 124,000 miles. The 'Check Engine' light came on this week. I got an OBD II reader and it gave me the code P0446. That is something in the Evap. Emission Control. I have the Service...
11 years ago 5
Re: OBD-II/CAN Reader at Costco stores for $35.
========== Hachi (or anyone else), what do you think of the ScanGauge II ( )? Most folks keep the ScanGauge 2 plugged into their car's OBD port 24/7 for months at a time. Problem? I think this would...
11 years ago 18
2006 Camry SE Good Car?
Is this the last of the really rugged Camrys, or the first of the chintzier ones? It has 55k miles on it, and service records, supposedly. Any known issues? Thanks in advance. (We were looking for a...
11 years ago 6
91 Camry wagon license plate light
One of the two license plate lights has failed, and I need to replace the bulb to get a warrant of fitness (I live in NZ). I can't see how to get to the bulb. Can anyone cast any light on this? Thanks...
11 years ago
1991 Camry VIN question
My VIN is: 4T1SV24E3MU414380 What I can't resolve is whether the engine is a 2VZ-FE engine (1990 - 1991) 4cyl or a 3S-FE engine (1990 - 1991) 4cyl The engine jumped time and I'm changing the belt. My...
11 years ago
Simple procedure for Transmission Flush
A year ago on July 9, 2008, I posted a lengthy tutorial on performing an ATF drain and fill. Actually, the Amsoil tutorial also incorporated a transmission pan drop and ATF filter/screen/strainer...
11 years ago
Engine Light on 2000 Camry
Hello All, A few weeks ago, as I was driving home from work, my engine light randomly turned on. Not noticing any difference in the drive of the car, I didn't take it in to get diagnosed right away....
11 years ago 9