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1991 Toyota Xtracab 4x4 random problem with not starting after warmed up

November 1, 2016, 3:42 am

I've got a 1991 Toyota Xtracab 4x4 with a 3.0 V-6 and 460,000 miles (it i s nearly broke in) that has been my daily driver for the past 25 years. L ast Friday I pulled the plenum to replace the... Read more »

2008 Tundra chrome trim

May 19, 2016, 12:14 pm

I just bought this truck and noticed that the rear bumper is chrome but the front one is body colour (white). Have I got an accidented/repaired vehicle or was such a mix a possible option? It's ... Read more »

Liftgate height setting on 2015 Sienna

April 25, 2016, 7:48 pm

Is there any way to limit the opening height on a 2015 Sienna power liftgate? My wife is short and cannot reach to reach the button to make it come down. IIRC the salesman set it with the button ... Read more »

bolt threads all metric?

March 16, 2016, 1:35 am

The nuts came off the oxygen censor today, the censor popped out. Should there be a gasket between the sensor and exhaust when I put it back on? Does anyone know the bolt size and thread? I'll need... Read more »

Toyota Tacoma starter

December 4, 2015, 4:29 am

Does anyone have any bad experiences with ordering parts from eBay, like a starter? There's a new starter for sale on eBay for around $80.00. Would it be better to get one at a parts store? Read more »

Two-faced Exxon: the misinformation campaign against its own scientists

November 26, 2015, 9:46 pm

Two-faced Exxon: the misinformation campaign against its own scientists Read more »

Po308 code still comes up

November 21, 2015, 7:02 pm

My 2000 tundra 4.7l v8 with 223000 on it is misfiring. This truck has always ran like a champ. But it started running rough the other day and the check engine light started flashing. I checked the c... Read more »

How to change lower oil pan on a 2006 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 v6 4L?

August 26, 2015, 9:15 pm

I have looked on the web and have call the shops but cant see how changing the oil pan will take 7 hours to fix. My truck is leaking from the oil plug and I believe it is stripped. I have ordered ano... Read more »


March 20, 2015, 3:22 am

How bad an idea would it be to voluntarily give your insurance company your driving data, car location, etc., etc.? My agent says it would save at least 5%, hardly seems worth it. Read more »

headers for 87 toyota dolphin motor home auto transmission

July 22, 2014, 11:49 pm

is it possible to put headers on an 87 toyota dolphin motor home? has an automatic transmission. I can't seem to find any. Any suggestion for getting a little more power out of the 22 re engine/ Read more »

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cruise control 93 4Runner rating: 5

93 4Runner V6 3VZE, 4X4 . Tried using CC tonight, the green dash light flashed on/off until I switch it off, now I get no light at all when the On button depressed( and of course the CC doesnt work).... Read more »

Tundra Timing Chain rating: 5

A potential buyer wants to know if the timing chain and water pump were serviced at 90K? Read more »

Resetting computer on Tundra after battery change rating: 5

After I changed the battery, I must have connected the battery cable in the wrong sequence. Now the truck starts, runs for a little bit then dies, it starts right back up Read more »

1996 Tacoma gas mileage dropped rating: 5

Greetings, I have a 1996 Tacoma 4X4 with automatic transmission and almost 100K miles. I was getting about 20 mpg, but about 3 months ago it suddenly dropped down to about 17 mpg. It happened from o... Read more »

r.p.m. test / multimeter/ '86 22r / rating: 5

i need help to locate which plug to plug my multimeter into , to run r.p.m. test for timing, and idle adjustment, haynes manual is not very descriptive, please help. it would be a huge help, and gre... Read more »

block heater installation rating: 5

i have a 1995 tacoma with a 2.7L inline 4cyl and i need to install a block heater. i have one that i purchased from the dealer that installs into the frost plug. the instructions say to install the... Read more »

'04 Tacoma Fuel Pump Inertia Switch Location? rating: 5

Where is the fuel pump inertia switch located on a 2004 Tacoma? Figure 4-14 of this PDF indicates a floor pan location in the brake pedal area, but no succcess in finding it so far. Read more »

Tundra oil drain plug torque spec? rating: 5

Hello, I'm about to do my first oil change on a 2005 V8 Tundra. All other vehicles I've had/have with a drain plug gasket have a torque spec (Saab was 42 ft/lbs!). Does Toyota publish a spec or is... Read more »

3VZE Coolant drain plug? rating: 5

Can someone tell me where the coolant drain plugs are on the block of the 3VZE? I have two different manuals and both give a vague sketch. I don't want to remove something I shouldn't. TIA Read more »

Holley Carby noise rating: 5

I have just installed a Holley 350 carbie (61 main jets, 8.5 power valve) to my 1989 3F petrol Toyota Landcruiser to try and improve economy more than power. I have a few issues, when the engine has ... Read more » is a website by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts. It is not affiliated with any of the car or spare part manufacturers or car dealers discussed here. All logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.