Re: Need HELP REAL BAD with dual KADRON carbs setup please......

El martes, 23 de abril de 2002, 19:58:45 (UTC-6), Kevin escribió:
> This might be a little long but I'll try to keep it as short as I can. >
> Got a pair of dual EMPI Solex/Kadron for my 1971 Westfalia.
> They were supposedly returned to RMMW for some reason.
> All hardware was brand new and never used.
> Carbs appeared to have been mounted but still looked brand new with
> all paint still on screws so it was evident that they were not taken > apart.
> I got a good deal on them so I figured I'd bite the bullet and take a
> chance on them.
> I figured what could go wrong with them that you couldnt fix.
> No instructions to install came with them.
> When I first installed them the left carb poured gas in the carb like
> crazy when it was it flooded out unless you revved it up. >
> Took carb apart and found brass float inside.
> When I shook float it was full of gas.
> So I figured problem solved if I bought a new float.
> Bought new float and rebuild extra ones just in case.
> Put new float, needle & seat and top gasket on.
> Put the carb back on and it runs good.
> BUT when I look in the carbs while it is running every second a drop
> of gas drips in each carb.
> Is that normal for these carbs??
> BUT the real problem comes when I shut the van off.
> The carbs keep dripping gas into the intake and then stops after about
> a minute or so.
> But as you can imagine there is now a lot of gas in the intakes.
> So it is flooded and hard to start.
> If I clamp off the fuel line going to both carbs the van runs much
> better with the gas that is just in the carbs.
> When I look in the carbs they are not dripping now.
> And when I shut it off they do not drip also.
> So here is my dilema.
> And I dont know what to do.
> My questions are:
> The screw that is at the base of each carb that is obviosly the
> adjustment for many turns should i turn them out or in? >
> Could my fuel pump (even though it is just the mechanical stock one)
> have to much pressure and pushing to much gas into the carbs?
> Also is the dripping when it is running normal?
> I thought maybe it was the vacume for the power brake booster.
> I have the vacume line going from one intake to the other and a tee in
> the middle for the vacume to the booster.
> It has a one way valve in it that when I took off I can only blow in
> one way so I can only assume it is good.
> And an arrow that says this way to engine so I have it on right.
> At first I thought maybe the vacume from the booster was sucking the
> gas in when I shut the van off.
> But like I said if I clamp the lines and then shut the van off no > leaks.
> Will these carbs work with the brake booster?
> ALSO and this is a MAJOR question.
> When I put the new float in there was a black plastic piece.
> I put the float in with the pin and then the black plastic piece on > top off it.
> Was that the right way?
> Or does the black plastic piece go in first.
> I could swear I remember the float on the bottom when I took it apart. >
> Sorry so long but thats all the details.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> ~Kevin
your problen IS fuel pump pressure. you need to add some gaskets under your stock fuel pump until your fuel presure drops to an 1.5 psi, or until the problem is fixed.
also, try to look if your fuel lines gets a lot of heat.
glad to help you
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