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2015 S60 motor oil question

August 29, 2017, 2:09 pm

My daughter purchased a 2015 S60 from our local Volvo dealer. She has had the vehicle for 2 months now and I recently checked her oil level and was surprised and confused by the reish brown stainin... Read more »

OT: Volvo to not manufacture gasoline/diesel cars by 2019

July 7, 2017, 8:29 pm

They made this announcement this week. I own and like a Volvo. I believe it saved her from injuries in a recent accident she was in. I will not buy an electric powered vehicle. I have several reas... Read more »

Here is the NEW Volvo XC60 shown at Geneva

March 7, 2017, 9:40 pm

> Wow - for Volvo the XC60 brings alot to the stable. Great looks. What do you think? > > From CM > > > > Here's the new Volvo XC60, a kind of honey-I-shrunk-the-XC90 crossover with all ... Read more »

Lemon Law 2016 Volvo

February 6, 2017, 7:06 pm

Hi, wondering if anyone has recent experience with Volvos and lemon laws in Oregon? My XC90 has had 5 service appts to fix issues with the EVAP system and no fix has lasted more than a couple months... Read more »

Front door lock won't unlock and the door is open

September 10, 2016, 6:21 pm

I was trying to re-position the driver's side front door lock as it tends t o stick. I moved the latch two stops upward and it stays locked. I can't fi nd the release mechanism, so now I can't unlo... Read more »

Seat memory buttons placement 2015 XC60

April 25, 2016, 7:54 pm

The seat memory's reset or activate themselves whenever I slide my leg over to exit. I am disabled and to have the seat move forward and trap your foot and leg in the opening but having your ches... Read more »

trunk and gas cover

March 25, 2016, 1:46 pm

I own a 1998 S70. Last evening I stopped to buy gas and found that I couldn 't open the gas cap cover from inside the car. The trunk would also not op en from inside either. I did use my key fob ... Read more »

Flexplate for 745 turbo diesel automatic - not FRA-466! 135 teeth

March 24, 2016, 11:16 pm

Hi, the flexplate of my nearly 30 yo 745 turbodiesel hast lost about half of its teeth, probably due to a mismatch of a replaced starter motor and the flexplate. While all lists for this car (on... Read more »

s: sprocket for starter (745 turbo diesel automatic gear)

March 11, 2016, 3:56 pm

Searching for Volvo part no 125 7571. Cheers, U. Read more »

Volvo details upcoming XC90's new platform

March 8, 2016, 1:19 am

The live reveal for the Volvo XC90. From AB ALL-NEW XC90 WILL BE THE FIRST VOLVO BUILT ON THE COMPANY'S NEW SCALABLE PRODUCT ARCHITECTURE Volvo's all-new XC90 – which will be launched in two weeks' ... Read more »

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Old debate - B230F: Is it an Interference Engine?

rating: 5

This may be a tired question on this forum. I am a new owner of a 1994 940T (B230F Engione). I do not know the vintage of the timing belt on this car (with 104K), but before I plunk down $500 to ... Read more »

1988 Volvo 244 auto starts & idles ok, stalls in 4 sec. after put into ...

rating: 5

1988 Volvo 244 automatic sedan stalls & quits when put into D or R after reasonably good start. Have noticed that depressing gas pedal when in P can also cause stall. Replaced main fuel pump and filt... Read more »

Volvo 940 2.o Turbo Coolant water

rating: 5

Hi My VOlvo 940 has a misterious problem. It loses coolant water (at the rate of about 1l per week) yet there is not sign of a hose leaking or a radiator leak. Also the engine is running very smoothl... Read more »

2005 XC90 CEM corrosion

rating: 5

From 2005 XC90 CEM A Volvo mechanic showed me this bit of insanity. The CEM1 circuit board sits on top of CEM3 circuit board and they are soldered to each other via header pins. CEM3 is conform... Read more »

Volvo 740 running problems...

rating: 5
  [ 2 ]

I've skimmed Google for suggestions, but none of the symptoms others had described seemed to fit the bill, so here goes. Ok, I have a 1990 model Volvo 740 estate, powered by a pierburg carburettor fe... Read more »

940 heater cold

rating: 5

940 turbo estate, 95, UK, manual, non-air con Recently my heater seems to be playing up. It was always a bit crap with it still not hot when the temp guage is right at the middle, but now its blatan... Read more »

Volvo 460 Engine problems

rating: 5

Hi I've got a 1992 Volvo 460 GLE injection (B20F) with a couple of engine problems. Firstly oil consumption is really high, from a full sump (max) after about 200 miles it's barely above the min mark... Read more »

94 940 sunroof drain noise?

rating: 5

Today I was driving rapidly in very heavy rain. Every now and again this very troubling sound would come from over my left ear (US car) I figured it was the sound of water draining somewhere, like a... Read more »

PVR B28F vs B280 ?!?!

rating: 5

Hi all, I checked my VIN # and it shows that I have a B28F engine in my 1987 760 GLE. But I thought that 1987 760s had B280F. (in North America) Which is the better engine, any huge differences? hp... Read more »

Vadis ID's, passwords and time resettings

rating: 5

Hi, I have a chance to buy a Vadis DVD which has Volvo service information on it for my cars. The seller does not know what it means to need an ID or password, or how to set an .INI file so that ... Read more » is a website by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts. It is not affiliated with any of the car or spare part manufacturers or car dealers discussed here. All logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.