1990 Vanagon Warm Stalling & Loss of Power

My 90 Vanagon, cranks up and runs great, until its warm. When slowing down
in gear and then disengaging clutch, idle drops to 1-200 RPM's, bounces the
re, until it stalls. Starter will turn over motor but will not restart, unl
ess it sits for 30-60 min. However, if it does this on a hill, I can let i
t roll down the hill to about 5mph in neutral and pop the clutch. Fires bac
k up and good to go. If RPMS at highway speeds I can drive all day.
Work done so far:
Collent Temp Sensors replaced
New Spark Plugs
Wires, cap, rotors
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Cleaned grounds
Cleaned Mass Airflow sensor
New fuel filter
What should be next?
Thank you!
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