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2002 Jetta VR6 Auto Trans no reverse forward ok
@002 Jetta VR6 auto trans has no reverse has only drive forward
3 years ago
help with my 1994 vw jeta
I was driving my 1994 vw jeta when I lost everything the speedo and tack just both at the same time went all the way to the max and then it died just that fast now when I try to start it it cranks...
5 years ago
my 1994 vw jeta lost all power when i was driving and now when i try to start it
when I was driving my 1994 vw jeta lost all power the speodo and the tack just baried all the way to the max and then back to just like the key was off but the lights were still on and now when I try...
5 years ago
2000 Passat - loud creaking noise
Hi, My V6 Passat recently started making a loud creaking/squeaking noise. It's coming from the front, behind the engine somewhere. It only happens when the car rocks front to back, as in stopping or...
9 years ago 2
Transmission service scam?
My 2009 Tiguan has reached 40,000 miles and I called the dealer to find out how much the checkup was going to cost now that they weren't doing it for free. $550 -- holy s**t! But then he tells me that...
10 years ago 8
Branded vs. Generic brake pads
I?ve bought top branded brake pads and paid the top brand prices but since I?ve bought new a couple of years ago I wasn?t sure if I really needed to keep spending lots of money on maintenance. There...
10 years ago 2
OK to mix G12 and Peak Global coolant?
Is it OK? How about G11? WP I believe it is not compatible. No mixing.
10 years ago 1
Golf mk2 stalling
My mk2 1.8 has been stalling. Usually it's when I'm in town and have to stop quickly. I put in the clutch and the revs drop to zero. It always starts right back up. It doesn't happen all the time....
11 years ago 4
Vanagon Subaru Tochometer change ?
Hi everyone. What thing must be change in tachometer to received the signal from subaru engine EJ22. it is something like that inside tacho. Adam I'd guess they are adding an amplifier to the tach...
11 years ago 3
Temp gauge in 99 1.8T Passat
Hi Group, I recently changed my G62 coolant temp sensor due to a CEL condition. All is fixed runs great, but now the gauge does not always say at 190. It comes down a little bit maybe one notch mark....
11 years ago 13
cv joint? whomp whomp whomp when under power
Hi, An '85 Golf 8v, auto transmission. 262,000 kilometres. When accelerating or pulling up a hill, I can feel and hear a slight whomp whomp whomp in the front, most likely from the area of the left...
11 years ago 35
Touareg Tele button
My 2004 Touareg has a Navi display system, and among the buttons at the bottom of the display is a 'Tele' button. If you push it, the display says 'No call detected'. How do I sync my cell phone to...
11 years ago 1
1997 Jetta - Alarm? Power To Starter Solenoid?
Hello - Hoping you can help... After jumping a friends car last week, a colleagues 1997 Jetta won't start. The problem is unusal... The electrical system sees to be OK - power to the lights, radio,...
11 years ago 3
1995 Jetta Temperature Gauge rises then drops suddently back to normal.
Good Afternoon! My daughter just called me on the way from from college and said she was having a problem with her car. She said that as she is driving the temperature will sudden rise to just below...
12 years ago 8
2002 Jetta GLX VR6 Transmission Problem
My Jetta GLX VR6 Automatic has been hard shifting from 2nd to 3rd at slow speed, approx. 25mph. This only happens when I go from a stop to driving. As the Jetta begins it shifts from 1st to 2nd fine,...
12 years ago 14
what would cause this idle behavior - 84 GTI
I have an 84 GTI, ~230k miles. Car starts great, idles around 900 rpm for about 30 sec, then idle drops off to about 600-700, so it almost stalls (and occasionally does). Over the next 15 minutes, the...
12 years ago 19
Interference engines
A but of a build up, but I *do* have a question... The timing belt on my '87 16V Scirocco stripped last Tuesday. This is the second time I've had one strip out on a 16V Scirocco. And the third time...
12 years ago 13
could anyone give me information on the relays on a 1993 LT35 E Diesel? I think I have a problem with the horn relay, but I don?t Know which relay does what, there are 4 plugged into fusebox and there...
12 years ago 1
fuel filter, fuel pump location?
Where are the fuel filter and fuel pump in a 1984 Rabbit 1.7 with fuel injection? pump is next to the fuel tank on the pas. side filter under is under the hood on the drivers side the fuel filter is...
12 years ago 2
VW Beetle (2002) Flasher unit location?
Please could someone let me know the location of the flasher unit (turn signal) in a VW 2002 Beetle...thanks If memory serves me correctly it is part of the 4 way flasher button. If it is not part if...
12 years ago 3