ABS queried per Tegger advice, next steps

Per advice, I shorted the connector to reveal DTC codes for ailing ABS.
Symptom is after starting and beginning to move forward, ABS will light
after 30 feet or so of forward motion. ABS light illuminates and extinguishes as expected when starting auto.
1994 Integra GS-R VTEC approx 75K miles original owner.
DTC was 4 short flashes and then 8 short flashes.
My interpretation was LR wheel ABS sensor.
I removed wheel, ABS encoder, and cleaned same. No evidence of damage to "gear" that the magnetic encoder senses to provide pulses. No evidence to road-induced damage to conductor wires as far as I inspected.
I also removed the other three wheels and performed similar cleaning.
Same symptom.
But, I do now identify the buzzing under the hood as the ABS unit pressurizing, and running for several seconds and even occasionally while I am driving and stopped in-traffic. That suggests perhaps the O-ring failure, but help me perform a wise differential-diagnosis.
Questions thus far:
1. So, after servicing was it necessary to remove the ABS fuse/relay to clear the DTC stored error codes?
2. Can one remove the ABS Sensor/Encoder ground lug attached to caliper assembly and insert DVM to check for pulses (continuity) when magnet activates micro switch?
3. I am using the downloaded PDF from Honda-Tech and referring to page 770 noting the 48 code. Is it possible to check continuity at the ABS Unit electrical input for continuity from the sensor through cable to the ABS end? Checking, of course the conductor independent of proper sensor function. What are these steps and is there a ready web link how-to?
4. My reading (only, so far) suggests the ABS may need some additional brake fluid. Where does this rank in difficulty/chance of remedy in the overall process of troubleshooting? Same web link request as in (3), above.
5. Last, for now, what may I have over;looked?
Thanks for any and all comments and suggestions. I am cash poor but that situation in unlikely to improve anytime soon. But I am an EE and have always worked on my own autos to my limit of taking my engine apart and modding [it].
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