Our Heavenly Mother 7-12-95

Our Heavenly Mother says, "Many stories have been written about My younger life on earth, and points of importance leading up to that Special Birth, as the Light shown
so brightly at this time, where We were. I assure you that your Soul is as close to this Light as any human being can discern."
"For most, the most treasured love to man is the love felt to the mother. There is a union above and beyond all other unions in human life. It is not always addressed openly in this manner, but there is an innate unity that goes beyond human understanding.
My Love for all children born to the world is a Love that is indescribable, indefinable, because My Love is that of your Heavenly Mother. When I see a child in distress of any nature, I immediately respond because of a Mother's Love that innately goes beyond any obvious association.
Many stories have been written about My younger life on earth, and points of importance leading up to that Special Birth, as the Light shown so brightly at this time, where We were. I assure you that your Soul is as close to this Light as any human being can discern.
If human life were not so important, there would be no history of My time on earth, for all things concerning human life and all the stories leading to Important Events, regarding the time in which We lived in human life, must be seen as being as close to human life as mankind can feel, understand and realize, that such a continuation of life has a Specific Importance to it, and great worth.
I know in the time that you live, there is much dissension amongst learned men and women, regarding the importance of what human life represents, but what most truly do not understand, is that human life has a Portion of The Father within, which places human life above all other life that exists.
My Love, that I have for each child, is not just an Important Love, but a Sharing Love, and One that is always available to the call, to the cry, of any child of any age, for any purpose. There have been different times in the history of mankind that much attention was placed My Way, much love for Who I Was, What I stood for, but it has diminished through time because mankind has become so humanistic, using only human values as guidelines and means to getting his or her way.
Man uses the word 'love' casually, insincerely, many times indifferently, but the word 'love' to Me has a Tremendous Responsibility, a Personal Responsibility, and a Closeness that nothing else has. The word 'love' has dependence in it, security for the mind and the body, even one's Soul.
I have many Titles that I enjoy hearing. They are becoming fewer and fewer verbally, because of so much humanistic dependence on earthly matters, on earthly friendships, on earthly communications, that ignore My Name almost intentionally. Children are not being taught to call on Me, My Name. There are so many distractions physically, mentally, morally.
So much dependence is being entrusted to humanistic versions of what mankind is capable of. Much of this is diabolical, because it is causing men, women and children of all ages to disregard speaking My Way, and becoming totally dependent on humanism. Mankind is ignoring the beauty of virtue, purity, dignity, and moral responsibility.
True, some instruction is being given identifying The Father as the Ultimate Source of The Divinity but, sad to say, mankind is lax in this area in many ways. There is so much independence that it is eliminating Faith in The Father's Will, faith in the purpose of human life, and the Importance of All that is Here in Heaven for mankind to gain strength from, strength in.
The enemy of God and man is working diligently to cause mankind to have a lapse of memory on the importance of what life was created for. Here again, humanism is what man would call the important issue. You must understand, you do live in a time worse than many other times in history. This must change, this must even reach the point of stopping.
The children must be instructed more fervently, more directly, more intentionally, on the Importance of the Goal of Life, how It can be reached, and to never stop using purity of mind, body and Soul, for the Goal The Father designed, Sainthood.
I bless each child in My Presence here with a Love beyond what you know love to be, for as you have been chosen, in many ways hand-picked, We are aware that in all things that are right for the Souls, you will follow through. So be it."
Saint Joseph's Hill Of Hope Brea, California 92822 U.S.A. www.TheMiracleOfStJoseph.org All Revelations are delivered spontaneously and continuously as witnessed by all those present at the time. Copyright 1996 FMK. All rights reserved. This is used with the permission of the copyright holder.
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