Re: lets start the debate 2006 IS 350 vs. 330i

Just bought a 06 325i a little over a week ago and couldn't be happier. There are many little things on the BMW that aren't readily apparent until
you really look at them. I was looking for a sport luxury in the 35 grand range and I searched long and hard. In the end I narrowed my choices to the 3 and G-35, as most do. IMO the new I-350 still misses the mark, if that mark is the BMW-3's. IMO the look of the 350 is still not as good as G or 3 (looks allot like their GS to me). Allot of people don't like the look of the new 3, I do. And, I think the G's also look awesome. The power seems to be pretty good, but only in the 350. The 250 is less than the 325i and the torqe is not close. You can disable the stability control on the 3's, but not on the IS. Important to some, me included, but not to others. The cabin can't compare to BMW's. The one thing that really swung me to the Bimmer was the interior. Hard to explain, but to me it just felt much better than the G-35 and the pictures of the IS look even worse than the G. The IS also doesn't have the almost perfect weight distribution of the Bimmer's. The G is close, but still no cigar.
I'm 48 years old and wanted the best mix of performance, fun to drive, looks and luxury. To me the 325i (or 330) hit the mark closer than the rest. The seats on the 3's are fantastic and the ride, while still a little harsh (which your going to have to have to get good performance), is more refined than before. Some don't like this, but I was told the ride was softened just a tad because the run flat tires which make for a harder ride. I drove the sport and regular models and the sport does perform better, but he ride is also much harsher. Some are willing to put up with it for the performance, I'm not. Just depends on what your looking for. I wish BMW would have offered the bigger tires and rims that come with the 330i as an option for the 325i without having to get the sport supension. They really look great. BTW, I chose the 325i with premium package, Xenon headlights, and A/T.
You can read and read, but until you drive test each car it will be hard for you to make your decision. I drove the Bimmer's last and made my mind up immediately. I do have to admit that I still think about the G-35, but I only like to coupe. Not on par with 3's for handling, comfort, ride and overall refinement. Don't have a six speed A/T available, etc. But, they are still one heck of a car and they are nipping at the heel of BMW, and hard. I can certainly see why many choose these car's. Did I mention they are fast?
I'll reserve final judgement until I get to drive the new I's, but I really don't think it's going to be able to compare to the 3's or the G's. Looks better than the last model, but still just not what I was looking for.
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