Suspension R/R for 528i @ 185K

okey doaky ...
car is going in for the suspension work up now.
just wondering how to best go about it ... and if changing shocks is a
good idea. there is a slashed boot in the rear, and the steering control arms have bushings and power steering stuff to swap out.
do it all in one day ... can not do it in one day no matter what.
do the rears first ... come back for the front and vehicle alignment.
and what about the wheel bearings ...
BMW so good even with that they will last 450K miles.
The engine is still strong, factory specs.
Having a luminescent dye being added to the engine oil to check for oil leaks all around.
Once the engine is sealed at the factory ... to my thinking it stays dry until one cracks the case ... takes off the oil pan ... moves the oil filter housing ... and the oil pressure is a bit weaker now with 185K on it but still up to specs
Bureau of Automotive Repair has an investigation going on regarding the last BMW certified mechanic shop the car was receiving poor service and theft of customer monies are involved.
See what happens with that ... but so far the car seems okey just needs some R and R to get it up for another 100K miles.
Your sight and insight is appreciated and welcomed.
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Good at 185K miles, it probably needs some refreshing.

You may want to have a good BMW independent inspect the suspension. I recently had some work done on my car, a 90 E34 535i with 122K miles and it appears my left control arm bushing is cracked. Since I don't feel anything, I'll keep driving it for awhile. Note, shop said all I needed was to replace the bushing. They would press out the old one and press in either E32 750i bushing or for a bit more, E34 M5 bushing. Cost - about $400 for the pair. Not bad price.

Possible. Are you doing it yourself or a shop?

If its a shop, they might be able to do everything in a day or two. If yourself, what's the rush. Take your time and do it right.

Wouldn't touch unless they start making noise.

If maintainence routine is followed, i.e., timing belt changed at 60K (if have one), fluids changed every couple of years or 30K, etc.; 450K sounds right.

Change the oil and filter regularly!

Good to get info.

Changing fluids regularly helps the car alot.

If you need a good BMW independent, start here:

Good job!
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