Sorry Dave .. forget post below - bad day Re: Another strange 330 problem.

Hello hello hello mate ... sorry for the brain fog and getting my bearings on the internet all wonkers ... any how ... do the cell check any way with
the BMW system as well. They have high factory specs and once acheived it works just fine. Alan
(the Sorry Dave ... is like Hall 9000 voice ... okey )
in article, Dave Plowman (News) at wrote on 2/2/09 6:19 AM:

Fords have an electric quirk .. that all 6 cells of the battery have to be hot and running ... so test with a hydrometer thingy the specific gravity of the battery cells and see if one is dead. 5 hot cells will not do it and you get game on like you are seeing.
Ford Diesel is the same way dispite the use of two 65 amp battery and 12 cells to test ... one is out .. bad news bears .. .need all 130 amps of cranking power to turn over the diesel engine with glow plugs up and the oil heater on.
Check this stuff out is my first suggestion ... if cell is burned out and dead, fix is to replace the battery so you have a fully hot charge going on per factory specs ... then it will start up licky split is that is the problem.
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