Advice and Help With Removing Broken Spark Plug

While tuning up my 1997 Ranger (3L) the front driver side plug was broken off and only the threaded section is remaining in the Head.
My 20-year-old son and I have been thinking and trying different things to remove the damaged plug to avoid replacing the head and we have tried the following:
1) Plugged the hole with small cork to help prevent anything getting in cylinder;
2) Sprayed rust loosening products: 1st Gunk Liquid Wrench Super Penetrant (flammable) 2nd PB Blaster Penetrating Catalyst (flammable. A tool supply shop recommended the last.
3) Bought set of large screw extractors, selected best fit, found 12pt socket to fit square end of extractor and tried extracting to spark plug threaded section.
But all this has not been successful so far and I wanted to get some expert advice before we continued with the extractor method and/or try another method. Couple of additional things to offer; 1) this plug has pipes and cables in front of it making it very difficult to use a straight extension to access the plug for best leverage. We are using a 3/8" universal, a 3" extension and 3/8" ratchet so we're not sure how much leverage we are applying to the extractor; 2) The plug thread wall is only about 1/16" thick so we are also concerned in applying too much leverage and crack the threaded wall and 3) driver side of engine is very rusted-I picked up truck used about 6 months ago.
Any experience, advice would be greatly appreciated
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