Re: Will America be stupid enough to let US auto industry fail??

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Uh huh. And like you didn't have a lot of other things you could be doing - like sorthing through mail in the dead-letter office?

I've heard that "go slow" in a union shop as well. However they wern't concerned with making others look bad. They were concerned because the work orders coming in had slowed down and they didn't want the workers completing everything then sitting around doing absolutely nothing for a couple weeks.
Generally "go slow" periods were used by the employees to do things like repair and upgrade their work areas, reorganize common areas that held fastners, etc. Of course, this work was interspersed with actual work. For example, the drill press guy might spend 20 minutes or so drilling holes in parts, then 40 minutes sorting and sharpening his drill bits. The full hour of time would be charged to the work on the parts.
I'm sure the top management of that plant was well aware of the tricks. It probably saved them the trouble of cooking the books to disguise the full cost of running a shop, if the employees had actually charged maintainence work to the maintainence billing item.
The fact of the matter is that work scheduling at the factory floor level is no different than work scheduling in a white collar office like a lawyers office. If you go to a lawyer and he spends 10 minutes researching something for you, your gonna get charged for an hour. What is the lawyer doing the other 50 minutes? Seems to me he's doing the same thing that the drill press operator is doing when he's sharpening his drill bits instead of drilling holes in parts.
If you worked in a Post Office and you had an hour allotted to your job of sorting a basket of mail, and you were able to complete the job in 15 minutes, if you were not self-motivated enough to find some other work to do so that you would continue to look like you were busy, then frankly your a pretty shitty employee. Every workplace has lots of stuff that needs doing, that isn't necessairly in your job description. No wonder the shop steward came over and talked to you. Your probably one of those types that wouldn't do anything that wasn't in your job description, and you would simply do what you were told to do then sit on your ass when you were done, whining that there wasn't enough work for you to do.
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