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DIY oil changing for first time in 30 years- questions
With Covid and my mechanic, who's still open part time, in and out of many cars all day, I feel at my age that I can't take the risk using him currently, so for the first time in 30 years, I'm going...
6 months ago 1
97 bronco fuel pump troubleshooting
Mechanic thinks stalling could be failing fuel pump but no way known to test without removing. 160000 miles, never changed. Before doing this... Anyone know how to check outlet pressure or electrical...
9 months ago 2
Is Ford bringing back the Pinto - Country Squire Wagon??
On Mon, 09 Mar 2020 17:40:52 -0500, > Looks more like a Mustang Kammback in news: and everything I have read says it is based on the stang not a pinto piece inspired at all. KB
11 months ago 3
confused, I have an original key and spare and one remote, none of the keys will open the car, only start it
Ok, I posted this in another group, but lots of confusing responses so not sure what to do. Yesterday, my remote wouldn't open the doors, so already being at Walmart, I opened it to find the correct...
1 year ago
"Will going electric help Ford win the pickup truck seg ment’s towing war? "
"Will going electric help Ford win the pickup truck segment?s towing war? " I look forward to the Hybrid. I read a rumor that it could go 80 mph for 60 miles on pure electric for less than $3,000...
1 year ago
Aeroscare Update
Yes, Clare, I know you're curious..... The old Aeroscare is still just as good as "new," only now new grunts and groans have appeared and I'm afraid it will be RIP at the happy hunting ground before...
1 year ago
Sable water pump questions
Hi everyone, Whether I liked it or not (and definitely not because of sub freezing weather), the water pump on my 2000 Mercury Sable, which has Vulcan 3.0 V6 OHV engine, went bad earlier this week....
2 years ago 5
Ranger Shifter
Ever since I bought my 1996 Ranger I've been banging my thumb into the cig lighter in the dash when shifting into low gear if I'm not carefull. Always had in mind to bend the shifter back -but after...
2 years ago
Fusion Hybrid drive battery life
How do you know when the HV battery in your Fusion Hybrid is dying? I used to get 40-41 MPG overall, but in the last year or so that's fallen to about 37.
2 years ago
Taking a look back at the Saleen Ford Windstar 96-0001
> Anyone remember or have any original photos of the Saleen Ford Windstar 96-0001 done for Tim Allen. Here is a bit of info about it > > 1996 Ford Windstar Saleen prototype 1 of 1 formally owned by...
2 years ago 2
putting synthetic oil in my 2005 Expedition has paid off
Hey, putting synthetic oil in my 2005 Expedition has paid off. I just checked my oil since it has been 2,500 miles since my last oil change. My 5.4L V8 is usually down a quart of oil or more by now....
2 years ago 1
new front evaporator in 2005 Expedition
Well, as soon as I got my Ford re-manufactured automatic transmission into my 2005 Expedition Eddie Bauer with 194K miles, the front evaporator started leaking. In fact, I suspect that it was leaking...
2 years ago 1
remanufactured transmission in 2005 Expedition
I just had a total failure of my automatic transmission in my 2005 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer with 194K miles. I put a Ford remanufactured transmission in it at Legacy Ford in Rosenberg, Texas. The...
2 years ago
Periodic Overheating Not Solved Again
OK, here's the story.... New radiator, fan clutch, thermostat, 60% clean antifreeze. All checked out OK. Drove 5 miles, then sat the drive-thru for 3-4 minutes. Temp started climbing again. Didn't get...
2 years ago 9
Periodic Overheating Solved
Welp! This is a lesson for them as like me - the jumping in before looking types.... Eng Temp gauges was creeping up, then stabilizing. Sometimes dropped back down, other times, kept going to almost...
2 years ago 5