1986 Camaro starting problems

I have an 86 Camaro that Iíve had for a few years, but have barely drove it. Well, its sat parked for the last year and a half, but
recently Iíve liscensed it and am ready to go..BUT now its back to some old problems. All winter long I constantly tried starting my car....itíd only start once ever 4 or 5 days and the days it wouldnít start itíd turnover fast, but just not start. I thought it was weird but kept doing it to see the pattern. Well once it warmed up (I live in Nebraska), it started daily without any problems at all. Coincidence? Iím not sure. Anyway, like I said previoiusly, I went to get it tagged and afterwards went and filled the car up with gas (4 gallons or so) and now its back to its old problems of not starting consistently. Didnít have a problem until I put gas in it...but I did take it out and drive it 3 or 4 miles earlier as well. So iím not sure whats going on....iíve seen where a bad fuel pump can cause a similar sounding problem. anyone have any ideas? It ALWAYS turnsover, but just wonít start. I just replaced the starter within the last few months (previous problem).
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