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Buick Lesabre
Windshield Wipers come on and shut off, and come on again and shut off again.
1 week ago
NO compression ANY cylinder Toyota T100 w 3.4L
Hello. I'm new to this group and hope you all can help me out. My 95 Toyota T100 with 3.4L v6, it sat for two years and was running when parked. When I tried to crank it after sitting it sounded like...
6 months ago 3
part # for 1966/67 chevy II AM/FM AC Delco Radio
Chevy II 2 dr Hardtop
11 months ago
GM is selling Lordstown to EV maker
I know many in Ohio have probably wondered what GM was going to do with the Lordstown assembly plant that was shuttered. Well it appears now they have an answer. From AB General Motors confirmed on...
1 year ago
1998 Buick Century Question
My 86 yr old mother still drives and this is her car. She also has a state handicap placard which she keeps in the tilt-down glove compartment. The problem is the last time she put it away, she made a...
1 year ago 1
2004 xterra ignition key won't turn all the way off
My xterra is driving me insane, sometimes I put it in park and the key work s perfectly, other times, it will turn off, but won't go the 1 more click s o I can remove it. If I sit there and put the...
1 year ago 1
2001 chevy s10 Upstream oxygen sensor wires
Hello I hope someone can help me out , I bought a new front o2 sensor cause the code for the old one was being shown and when I went under to remove t he old and replace with the new " upstream...
2 years ago
05 Chevy Tahoe Auto door locks going crazy driver side door ajar light on
I was driving my 05 Chevy Tahoe I turned on the right hand blinker all of a sudden my auto door locks are going on and off my driver side door ajar light comes on eventually it turns off. Now it...
3 years ago 2
05 chevy tahoe driver side door ajar light and door locks going crazy
I was driving my 05 Tahoe, turned on my left blinker, and all of a sudden my auto locks started going crazy locking and unlocking and the driver side door ajar light came on. It's now been two days...
3 years ago 2
"Duralast" Brand Car Battery ISSUE
Hi, I recently bought a new "Duralast Gold" car battery at AutoZone. The battery model is 34-DLG. On the cover over the cell ports (where you check the level of the electrolyte for each cell) is the...
3 years ago 6
is this news group still active?
still active? Not all that much. Most former GM owners are now diving Toyota, Hyundai, Audi because they don't fall apart like the GM cars do.
3 years ago 1
2002 sunfire with eco-tech engine P0300 code
Is car smart enough to give P0301 P0302 P0303 P0304 codes for specific cylinders? I am spinning my wheels trying to trouble shoot P0300. Replaced plugs. Suspect ICM but that is pricey. Might be...
3 years ago 1
Why do murderers always drive sedans?
Why do murderers always drive sedans? If you dont believe this, just watch any tv murder show and you will see this is true. maybe because they are so available and affordable ? Or aliens It normally...
3 years ago 1
TPMS Question 2009 Buick LeSabre
Hi, Have a 2009 Buick LeSabre. One of the tire pressure monitors doesn't work anymore. Guess it's normal for the battery to give out after this amount of time. But, would like to read the other 3,...
3 years ago 1
1997 Chevy Cavalier fuel leak and P0300
Hello, My 1997 Chevy Cavalier with a 2.2 L has a very significant leak from the va por canister vent valve, just above the vapor canister in front of the fron t passenger wheel well. It also has been...
3 years ago 2